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Knockout City Gameplay Details, Release Date & Price Revealed

Knockout City, the upcoming team-based multiplayer dodgeball action game, had new details announced at today’s State of Play, including new maps, abilities, customisation options and more!

I first head about Knockout City at the Nintendo Direct a few days ago, and I didn’t think much of it. But at today’s State of Play a lot was revealed, and it got me super hyped! There’s a whole range of customisation options for your brawler, a bunch of different types of balls and abilites you can use to one up your opponents. Each map comes with a unique theme and twist to help boost your abilities. We even got a release date and a price!

Knockout City - Multiplayer
Image Credit – Velan Studios

What Was Announced?

As I’ve said, a whole lot was announced at today’s state of play! The trailer (see above) wasn’t long enough to detail everything coming to Knockout City, but the folks over at Velan Studios gave out some extra details over on their blog! There’s a lot here to get excited about, so have a look at what was announced for Knockout City at today’s State of Play:

  • Two game-modes: 1 v 1 Face Off Mode and 3 v 3 Team KO
  • A new map called Back Alley Brawl which allows players to whizz around pipes to avoid other players and get around the map fast)
  • You can use your allies as a ball for an instant KO move!
  • There are special balls at your disposal including the cage ball, the sniper ball and the moon ball
  • Form a crew with up to 32 other players and have your own unique logo on your jackets
  • There’s a progression system that allows you to unlock hundreds of cosmetic items
  • Players will have a glider, KO effects and victory and defeat poses
  • There’s a cross-play beta coming which you can sign up for here
Knockout City - Gameplay
Image Credit – Velan Studios

Knockout City is launching on May 21st on PlayStation 4 (with backwards compatibility and enhancements for PlayStation 5 players) for $19.99. It will be available for free for all players for a limited time. Are you excited for Knockout City? Let us know down in the comments below!

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