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Jurassic Park: Survival is A Single Player Narrative Game Set After the Events of the Original Film

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, is happy to announce a brand new game in the Jurassic Park universe, Jurassic Park: Survival.

The Game Awards 2023 gave us a first glimpse at the upcoming single-player action-adventure, a game that is 65 million years in the making. Here are all the details.

What is Jurassic Park: Survival?

In Jurassic Park: Survival, players will take on the role of Maya Joshi, an InGen scientist who was left behind on Isla Nublar.

This is an original narrative adventure with a mix of first-person stealth and action in exhilarating encounters with deadly dinosaurs. The game is set after the events of the original 1993 film and is brought to life by John Hammond’s vision.

Here is what you can expect in Jurassic Park: Survival:

  • Explore Isla Nublar: Venture through a fully realized Isla Nublar, encountering reactive wildlife, dinosaurs, and surprising threats.
  • Evade Prehistoric Predators: Outsmart, escape, and interact with iconic dinosaurs using ingenuity, distraction, and stealth in intense and unforgettable encounters.
  • Survive The Island: Face challenges, utilizing all available resources to find intelligent solutions and endure the numerous threats on Isla Nublar.

As longtime fans of Jurassic Park, we’re truly honored to embark on this exciting journey,” said Tim Willits, COO of Saber Interactive. “Our goal is to capture the magic and wonder of the iconic film by bringing a blend of long-time development expertise and a genuine passion for the source material.

We’ve consistently heard from our fans that they’ve been waiting for a game to immerse them in Jurassic Park like never before and, well, we found a way,” said Jim Molinets, Senior Vice President, Production and Marketing, Universal Games and Digital Platforms. “We’re excited to finally reveal that the iconic film is coming to life in an all-new video game in partnership with the amazing talent at Saber Interactive and can’t think of a better way to culminate the year-long celebration of Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary than with this thrilling announcement.

Raptor Jumping in  Jurassic World Survival
Raptor Jumping onto Boat in Jurassic World: Survival

Jurassic Park: Survival Release Date

Jurassic Park: Survival will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. There is no mention of it coming to last-gen consoles or when the game will launch.

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