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How to Survive the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company

The Spore Lizards are terrifying creatures that players will encounter in Lethal Company, but they aren’t as frightening as they may seem. Here is how you can survive against them and not become their dinner.

Whether it’s the Eyeless Dog, the Coil-Head, or anything in between, many of the monsters in Lethal Company are out to stop you from completing your job. While some are easy to counter and defeat, others are unstoppable, and players must avoid them. When encountering the Spore Lizard, it might be a little simpler than you might think; here are all the details you need to survive this confronting beast.

How to Survive Against the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company

Fortunately, Spore Lizards are a non-aggressive creature in Lethal Company, but when proked, will retaliate. Therefore, Spore Lizards will do their best to stay away from players, even when coming into contact with a crew member. However, even though they are somewhat harmless creatures, if they feel threatened, they will attack in self-defense. For example, if a player decides to move close and trap them, Spore Lizards will retaliate and harm the crew member.

Like other monsters in the game, Spore Lizards have different attacks that players can spot, including a short debuff. The following are its aggressive actions:

  • Defensive Stance: The Spore Lizard will open its mouth wide and begin to hiss to intimidate the player into walking away.
  • Biting: Players who are being entirely aggressive will be bitten by the Spore Lizard. However, no severe damage will be taken because it is a low-level threat.
  • Blinding Spore Cloud: Another attack the Spore Lizard will do is unleash a cloud of spores that do not damage but render the player unable to see around them for a short time.
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Image Credit – Lethal Company Wiki

Can the Spore Lizard Be Killed in Lethal Company?

Yes, players in Lethal Company can kill the Spore Lizard with about 3 or 4 hits with a melee weapon. This requires a minor strategy as it will do its best to flee from the fight, but it’s not a difficult as other enemies in the game.

It is recommended for players to move past Spore Lizards and let them do their own thing. The creature tends to almost always leave players alone, and any attacks the creature deals will result in minimal damage.

Spore Lizards are some of the most docile creatures among the bestiary in Lethal Company. Now that you know how to survive them and whether or not they can be killed, check out the Games Hub for more guides on other monsters and useful in-game items to acquire.


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