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How to Get Cheese in LEGO Fortnite

Cheese is a useful piece of food in LEGO Fortnite that helps to alleviate hunger and heal you. Here is how you find it.

LEGO Fortnite features an array of food that can be consumed to reduce hunger and increase your health. Fortunately for all the Wallace and Gromit fans out there, you can find and eat as much Cheese as you’d like. However, unlike the majority of food items in LEGO Fortnite, getting your hands on it isn’t as simple as whipping up a big wheel. So, below, we explain exactly how to get your hands on Cheese in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Get Cheese in LEGO Fortnite

Cheese can only be found in chests scattered throughout any of the biomes in LEGO Fortnite. There is no cooking recipe that allows players to make Cheese, making it a harder-to-find item. This typically only applies to forageable items such as Snowberries, but Cheese is a rare exception.

The easiest place to find chests is the half-destroyed structures throughout the map; usually, one or two are within them. Although it is risky, Cheese may also be found in the chests that spawn in the different Caves found in each biome. The spawn rate for it is completely random; therefore, players will have to search as many as possible to find a lot of it.

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What Does Cheese Do in Lego Fortnite?

Cheese is a consumable food in LEGO Fortnite that fills up to six hearts of the player’s health. It is also a vital ingredient in making Pizza. To unlock Pizza, players must first craft an Oven using the following materials:

Once players have built the Oven and acquired one of the ingredients for the Pizza recipe, it will be unlocked to make in the Oven. Then players will need to gather the following supplies:

  • x2 Flour
    • Flour is made by putting Wheat Grain into a Grain Mill.
  • x1 Meat
    • Meat is acquired from killing any animal, such as Scorpions or Wolves.
  • x3 Spicy Peppers
    • Spicy Peppers can be foraged from Spicy Pepper plants in the Dry Valley biome.
  • x1 Cheese

Pizza is considered an Epic Rarity food item and offers amazing benefits such as restoring 25 hearts to the player’s health, adding 5 temporary hearts, and increasing defense by 20. The Pizza ingredients may be tough to find, but making and consuming them will help you stay alive for longer and take even more damage than before.

Now you know how to find Cheese in LEGO Fortnite and what it can be used for. For more guides like this one, head to our Game Hub.


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