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How to Stay Warm in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite features unique weather conditions per biome, and players must stay warm when exploring the Frostlands one.

One mechanic that Fortnite LEGO has over many other games in the genre is how different temperatures can affect the player. This mechanic forces players to stay warm. For example, in the ice-cold Frostlands, or even during the night, you’ll need to stay warm to avoid damage. Below, we explain how to stay warm for those players looking to beat the cold.

How to Stay Warm in LEGO Fortnite

Players can stay warm in LEGO Fortnite by holding a torch, standing by a campfire, eating cold-resistance foods, crafting cold-resistance charms, and staying inside a building. To craft a torch, players need 3 stocks of wood and 5 of vines. Once prepared and equipped, a torch will give the player constant warmth while traversing the Grasslands area at night without worrying about freezing. To craft a campfire, you’ll need 3 pieces of wood. Once crafted, place it on the ground and stand by it to keep warm.

If you want the convenience of exploring without a torch or campfire, you can craft cold-resistance food. For example, you can craft Spicy Peppers, which grant two minutes of cold-resistance when consumed. The following components of 1 Flour, 1 Meat, and 1 Spicy Pepper will be needed. However, crafting a specialized recipe, such as a Spicy Burger, increases that time to ten minutes.

LEGO Fortnite Torch
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Additionally, players can craft cold-resistance charms to keep warm. However, they’ll first need to upgrade their crafting bench to unlock the schematic. To craft a cold-resistance charm you’ll need 3 Wool Thread, 5 Cut Ruby, 8 Brightcore, and 3 Blast Core. Finally, retreating to a building will help the player fight off the cold.

What Happens When You Are Cold in Lego Fortnite

When players get cold, they will be given the freezing status effect, which slows their movement and inflicts damage every second. Considering there are already plenty of enemies waiting to attack you, you’re better off avoiding this status effect. As previously mentioned, crafting cold-resistance food and charms, as well as carrying a torch, will help prevent you from freezing. Torches are especially helpful, as they do not have durability and can always provide you with heat, as they do not have durability and can always give you some heat when needed.

Those are the best options to keep warm in LEGO Fortnite. Anyone wanting more tips and tricks while playing the game can head to our Game Guide Hub for more information.


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