Call of Duty: MW3 Niamey Logan Error Window

How to Fix the “Reset Your Rank and Unlocks to Continue” Error in Call of Duty: MW3 (Niamey Logan)

Call of Duty: MW3 players have been experiencing a peculiar error telling them to reset their unlocks and rank to continue playing. Here is how to fix the MW3 Niamey Logan error.

Since the launch of MW3, players have encountered a plethora of errors. From players’ profiles being signed out to being unable to join different playlists, these persistent errors have caused gamers to flock to the internet in search of a cure. Unfortunately, it seems like the tide of issues isn’t over, as another error has been popping up for players recently, telling them to “Reset your rank and unlocks to continue.” Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with an easy fix. Here’s what you need to do.

What is the “Reset Your Rank and Unlocks to Continue” Error?

The “Reset Your Rank and Unlocks to Continue” Error or Niamey Logan is a warning message that appears when players log into MW3. It warns you that your rank and unlocks, essentially all progress, will be reset if you select “Yes” to continue. Clicking the No option sends players back to the main screen. Therefore, the only option is to click Yes to continue. Additionally, some are encountering an issue where the error message indicates that their data is corrupted and their progress will be reset.

How to Fix “Reset Your Rank and Unlocks” Error in Call of Duty: MW3

To fix the “Reset your rank and unlocks” error in MW3, simply click Yes when prompted to. Clicking the Yes option will fix the “Reset your rank and unlocks” as it doesn’t actually wipe your progress. Alternatively, you can delete the game and reinstall it alongside the Season 1 update patch to fix the error. While clicking “Yes” may seem risky, as of now, there have been no reports by players that their rank progression or in-game unlocks have been wiped. The error warning popping up seems to be just a mistake and something that can be ignored.

However, according to the official Call of Duty Updates account on X, players may lose other saved content. While it is not as severe, loadouts, customization options, and settings may be affected. Should players see the error warning appear on their screen after accepting and continuing, be sure to check each of the previously saved settings and loadouts to make sure everything is as it was beforehand.

That is everything we know about dealing with the newest error in Call of Duty: MW3. Players wanting information on the game can refer to the game’s Guide Hub here for more.

  1. hello… my whole progress is wiped out. interestingly my character level is the same in DMZ but when I get into resurgance or battle royale my character is level 1.

    1. Hey Garrett, this is normal as the game is now linked with MW3. Your level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now the level “resurgence” or “battle royale” references off. “DMZ” is not continuing in Modern Warfare 3, so this still references off your Modern Warfare 2 level.

  2. Hi I’ve just updated my cod to MW3 but have lost my ranking putting me back to level 1 and I’ve lost all my load outs also is there anyway to get my ranking back and all my load outs or is it a car if having to start from scratch again

  3. I been on mw3 for about a month now level was 1000 something and I had crazy load outs and there gone why and how do I get it back

  4. I’ve had modern Warfare 3 for a while now and it wiped everything and I can’t even launch dmz new updates suck I got alot of cash in this game

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