MW3 Zombies Ray Gun

The Best Weapon to Use in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

While there are many weapons you can use in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies, only one is the best. Here’s which one you should use.

With weapons from both Call of Duty: MW3 and MW2, there are over 100 options to use in MW3 Zombies. As any weapon can be taken into the mode, players want to know which weapon is the best choice. Below is the best pick for those wanting to take out the enemy efficiently.

What is the Best Weapon for MW3 Zombies

The RGL-80 Grenade Launcher is the best weapon to use in the MW3 Zombies mode. The launcher comes from the Call of Duty: MW3 weapon pool and deals massive amounts of explosive damage. Although you can’t equip attachments, the RGL-80 is very effective at close range, wiping out any zombies it hits. This makes it equally as effective at taking out hordes as it is at killing special zombies. Additionally, if players Pack-A-Punch the weapon and upgrade its rarity, it becomes a top-tier contender. It works as the best choice in any Tier Threat Zone if players have the appropriate upgrades.

The Grenade Launcher, when paired with the PHD Flopper Perk-A-Cola, allows players to avoid explosive damage from the gun, and therefore, it can be used in any vicinity. Furthermore, the Infested Strongholds and Aether Nest spores can be destroyed very quickly with the launcher.

MW3 Zombies RGL-80
RGL-80, In-game Screenshot

In terms of Mercenary enemies, the RGL-80 puts out amazing damage on both armored and unarmored enemies. When completing any missions that have the Mercenaries drop down from the helicopter, the Grenade Launcher makes quick work of it within a couple of shots, easing the difficulty of some missions.

Why the MW3 Zombies Wonder Weapons Aren’t the Best Choice

While the Wonder Weapons, such as the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2, are always a viable choice in Call of Duty Zombies, in the MW3 Zombies mode, they are very hard to acquire. Although players can craft them through schematics, they have a 48-hour cooldown until they can be crafted again. Also, extracting with that same Wonder Weapon that is crafted, takes it out of the inventory of the player and rewards XP, making it a one-match use.

Even though the Wonder Weapons are indeed powerful and come with their own rarity when starting the match, the trade-offs with them do not make them the best and most consistent choice. Players using insured weapons can take the weapon out after a match and use it again, making a great way to ensure that your weapon is ready to go each time.

That is the best choice for those seeking a good weapon in the MW3 Zombies mode. Players curious about the mode or Call of Duty: MW3 in general can check out the Game Guide Hub.