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What is the Level Cap in Call of Duty: MW3

As Season 1 kicks off in Call of Duty: MW3, many players have been climbing their ranks and so might be wondering what the level cap is. Here are the details.

The Multiplayer mode in the Call of Duty series has always had different ranks to ascend through. MW3 is no different and allows players to rank up by playing both the Multiplayer and Zombies modes. However, when the game launched, the level cap players could hit was only level 55. As Season 1 has been introduced this week, many are curious if the level cap is increasing and to what. Below are the details on the level cap in Call of Duty: MW3.

What is the Level Cap in Call of Duty: MW3

As of Season 1, the level cap in Call of Duty: MW3 has increased to 250. The previous level cap was 55. The season’s introduction has allowed for a massive scale-up of the ranks for players to achieve. As players rank up through the first battle pass of the new game, ranking up their level is a bonus, especially for players looking to chase a goal.

The level increase in the game gives players five seasonal prestige levels to rank up through. However, as of now, there are no additional usable rewards to earn while playing. Those who advance through the different prestige ranks can look forward to different bragging rights items as a reward.

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1 Rewards
Image Credit – Activision

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1 Prestige Rewards

Players can earn several emblems and calling cards as rewards for leveling up through their prestige levels. Although it is not new guns or operator skins, it still gives players some rewards to showcase their achievements in leveling up during the first season of MW3. The feature is not new to the series and has been around for many games. Although, in the classic Call of Duty games, the emblem was changed with each rank and players could not choose which one they wanted.

That is all of the details on the level cap in Call of Duty: MW3. Players wanting more information on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.


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