Captain Price and the "your profile was signed out" error in MW3

How to Fix “Your Profile Was Signed Out” Error in Call of Duty: MW3

Call of Duty: MW3 players are encountering a new bug that kicks them out with the error message “Your profile was signed out.” Here’s how to fix it.

MW3 is no stranger to the occasional bug, with some players even being kicked from games due to inactivity while getting kills. However, the latest bug to rear its ugly head is the classic “Your profile was signed out.” This sees players be completely kicked from MW3, unable to access it or any of its modes. Fortunately, there are some fixes to this issue, which we’ve listed below.

How to Fix “Your Profile Was Signed Out” Error in MW3

You can fix the “Your profile was signed out” error in MW3 by restarting your game and checking to see if your internet connection is stable. Additionally, you can try and restart your platform and then boot MW3 back up again. Once you’ve tried these fixes, you should be able to log back into Call of Duty: MW3. Additionally, you won’t have lost any progress made while playing, so don’t worry about that.

Unfortunately, beyond these fixes, there isn’t much you can do. It is an error on Activision’s side and not the player’s. It is likely happening due to the servers being overloaded with players and kicking out users to reduce the stress. Most Call of Duty games, including last year’s MW2, went through a number of errors post-launch, including ones similar to this. Alas, It would appear that MW3 is no exception.

The "your profile was signed out" error in MW3

Activision will almost certainly work on a patch to remedy this issue. However, until it is released, players may still encounter this bug. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other guides on our Games Hub.

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