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How to Dance in Lethal Company

Lethal Company offers a fun cooperative experience and even the ability to dance. Here’s how to emote and dance.

As more players begin to experience Lethal Company and all of the horrors that await within it, many want to know how to use the dancing feature. In fact, it can even play a crucial role and help players unwind from the tension in the game. Below, we explain how to dance in Lethal Company and and what exactly it is for.

How to Dance in Lethal Company

Players can dance by pressing the number “1” on their keyboards. Doing so causes the player to start emoting by dancing. Other players can see the emote, which makes it incredibly useful, primarily since it can be used for more than just entertainment among your teammates.

Take note that if you don’t like using the number 1 key to dance, you can always change it. However, you’ll need to head into the game’s Steam folder to edit it to the key input you desire. There is a possibility that an option to alter it will be added down the line. However, as of now, the developer has yet to add the option to allow players to rebind the emote key.

Lethal Company Dance
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What Is Dancing Used for in Lethal Company

Besides being used for emoting, players can use it to warn teammates of danger. The monsters that litter the map of Lethal Company are designed to be able to hear players talking within the game’s voice chat. Therefore, using the dancing emote has become the community’s universal sign to warn others of a dangerous monster lurking nearby.

The Eyeless Dog, the Jester, and the Coil Head are some of the most notable examples of creatures that use hearing to find players. As these creatures are some of the highest threat levels if they notice you, they will become aggressive and seek you out. What is worse is their added lethality, as they can instantly kill players, thus ending their run. So, using the dance emote instead of talking out loud can be a great way to communicate and not alert the attention of nearby monsters.

That is how to dance in Lethal Company and why it is essential. Anyone curious for more information on the game should check our Game Guide Hub for details.


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