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How Long is LEGO Fortnite Staying For?

LEGO Fortnite is capturing the attention of players worldwide, and many hope it will stay as a permanent feature.

The new addition to Fortnite is a survival-crafting title that technically serves as its own game. Many players enjoy the different content it brings and use it as a break from the typical Battle Royale mode. As more begin to dive into the mode, the question of whether or not LEGO Fortnite is staying has come to mind.

How Long is LEGO Fortnite Staying For?

According to the official Fortnite X account, LEGO Fortnite, alongside Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival, are permanent additions. Epic Games clarified through their tweet that they see the modes not just as that but as entire games and, therefore, see no reason to remove them and will not do so.

The news is big for fans of any of the modes, as they have all been positively received by many players. Adding to the news is that LEGO Fortnite will also be receiving content updates in 2024 to further the gameplay experience. So, for players worried about the crafting mode leaving, there is no need to worry, as it is here to stay.

What is LEGO Fortnite?

LEGO Fortnite is a survival-crafting game within the Fortnite platform that has the aesthetic theme of LEGO. The game works similarly to Minecraft, where players can craft different tools and structures to survive in the world they are placed in.

Each world players create is randomly generated, giving different experiences for each new journey. As the game is linked with Fortnite, players with different cosmetic characters from the game can use some of them through LEGO versions, with more compatibility as the game continues.

LEGO Fortnite is populated with over one million concurrent players, and it continues to grow, with many wanting to try it. As it is a Free-to-Play title, it can be accessed by anyone as long as they download it from the digital storefront of their choice.

Now that you know the mode will continue to flourish in Fortnite, check out our Game Guide Hub for more information on LEGO Fortnite.