Minecraft Caves and cliffs Update

Minecraft’s New Big Update is Coming Next Year

The annual Minecraft presentation showed off all the new content coming to Minecraft and spin-off Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Live, instead of Minecon in previous years, showcased countless updates including a much-requested cave system reform. Caves & Cliffs will be free update releasing in the summer of 2021. It will integrate the 2019 Minecon Biome vote winner, which was to overhaul mountains in the game.

Caves & Cliffs Update

Caves will generate with more variation and contrast, with waterfalls, cave lakes and more cavern extremities. The caves will also feature flora with the introduction of lush caves. Dripstone caves and amethyst geodes will also be introduced.

The new update will also feature new mobs. The Warden is a new hostile mob which responds to player movement and players can tame multiple axolotls to aid them in battle. Minecraft Live also showcased a new passive mob, goats. Goats were featured in the 2019 Minecon Biome vote trailer for mountains but we got the reassurance that they are coming in the new update.

Archeology has been introduced into the game to add a bit of history and storytelling to Minecraft. This will allow the player to craft new items such as the telescope. The Skulk sensor is also a new block which reacts to movements via Redstone signals.

The Caves & Cliffs Update also brings copper to Minecraft. Copper will add an aging element to the game. As time passes, placed copper will start to turn green, transforming the colour of your builds.


Minecraft Dungeons

Crossplay will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons across PC and consoles. This allows people to play with each other across PS4, Switch, Xbox One, or PC and potentially the upcoming next-generation consoles.

Howling Peaks is a new DLC being added to the game as well. The Howling Peaks will pit players against the Tempest Golem as well as adding new enchantments and items to use in battle.

The Apocalypse Plus system will be introduced alongside Howling Peaks for those who want to increase the game’s difficulty even further. This new system will add 20 new difficulties to the game after Apocalypse 7.