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Hexarchy Launches on Kickstarter After Successful Steam Next Fest

Main Tank Software is proud to announce that the strat-royale game, Hexarchy, is launching on Kickstarter after a successful demo release at Steam Next Fest.

Hexarchy is a historical turn-based, deck building, battle royale game that’s easy to play and hard to win. While this may seem like there is an awful lot going on, it’s actually quite straightforward. Players must build their deck and use a combination of military units, abilities, wonders, buildings, and promotions to defeat their opponents. During their turn, players must make the difficult decision of ordering their units. Every choice has consequences, whether good or bad. Fortunately, it’s better to learn as you play the game, and there is currently a demo available on Steam for you to check out. You can find it here.

Hexarchy Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

Hexarchy Kickstarter

Hexarchy is now live on Kickstarter with a goal of US$25,000. Main Tank Software, which is a family duo, plans to use the additional funding to improve upon multiple aspects of the game, including the user interface, additional localisations, an emote system, and more.

There are nine tiers from which you can pick to support the developers. The first start as low as US$15 and will reward players with the game at a discounted rate. Backers who pledge US$30 or more will have alpha access for the remainder of the game’s development. The tiers go all the way up to US$4000 where you can get limited rewards like your name or face featured in the game, special discord roles, or even working with the developers on designing the game.

You can head over to Hexarchy’s Kickstarter Page to back the project and get a taste of what’s to come. You can also try out the demo on Steam right now. The Game Crater also interviewed the developers from Hexarchy, you can listen to the Crater Corner podcast on all major streaming platforms.


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