Hexarchy by Main Tank Software Screenshot

Interview With Main Tank Software (Hexarchy) – Crater Corner

This week on the Crater Corner podcast, the boys were fortunate to interview one of the developers behind the upcoming game, Hexarchy. John, one half of Main Tank Software, is working on Hexarchy and he has previously released Dragon Saddle Melee on Steam. You can listen to the full interview with Main Tank Software on YouTube or wherever you get your podcast.

Hexarchy offers a distinct gaming experience by blending key components from deck-builders, hex-based board games, and 4X strategy. You can customise your deck to fit your playstyle and use cards from your hand to execute actions on the game board. Expand your territory by constructing on your hexes, collecting resources, and utilising technology cards to augment your deck. Achieve your objectives by managing your civilisation’s happiness while meeting the demands of war through a well-developed economy. You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

The Crater Corner is a podcast all about celebrating everything video games. Its hosts, Jayden Hellyar and Tom Wilson, cover a wide range of topics from indie gaming to Ariana Grande concerts in Fortnite. They also frequently interview game developers such as Square Enix Development Director, Alexandre Richer, and Far Cry turned indie developer, Nathan “Jitspoe” Wulf.

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