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Hades 2: How to Get & Use Zodiac Sand

Zodiac Sand is an incredibly rare material in Hades 2 but is absolutely worth getting your hands on. Here’s everything you need to know.

There are a number of very rare resources in Hades 2, Zodiac Sand likely being at the top of that list. To get it, you’ll need to defeat a very challenging boss. However, it is used to craft perhaps the best Arcana Card in the game. So, it’s well worth hunting down. Fortunately, we’ve made the process very easy, as we’ve explained how to get it and what you can use it for below.

How to Get Zodiac Sand in Hades 2

To get Zodiac Sand in Hades 2, you’ll need to defeat Chronos, the final boss in the Tartarus area. You will get one piece of Zodiac Sand for each time you defeat him. However, to get to Chronos, you’ll first need to beat Hecate in Erebus, Scylla in Oceanus, and Cerberus in the Mourning Fields area. Even once you reach Tartarus, you’ll have to beat at least five rooms before Chronos becomes accessible.

Chronos is a two-phase fight and a very challenging one at that. You’ll need to use everything you’ve learned up until that point as well as the  best Arcana Cards to take him down. We have a full boss guide, which will guide you through not just the fight with Chronos, but also against Hecate, Scylla, and Cerberus.

Chronos in Hades 2

How to Use Zodiac Sand in Hades 2

There are two uses for Zodiac Sand in Hades 2. The first is to craft the Judgement Arcana Card at the Crossroads Training Grounds. This is a very powerful Arcana Card that costs 50 Ash and 1 Zodiac Sand. After you defeat a boss, it triggers either three, four, or five random Arcana Cards, giving you a huge advantage for the rest of your run. It also costs zero Grasp, making it incredibly overpowered.

Alternatively, you can use Zodiac Sand to unlock the Learned Sage Shade in the Crossroads. This costs 1 Zodiac Sand and 3 Marble. While it’s definitely worth doing, especially if you feel like taking Chronos on twice, you should absolutely prioritize crafting the Judgment Arcana Card first.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and using Zodiac Sand in Hades 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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