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Heavenly Bodies Receives New DLC That’s As Big As Original Game

Heavenly Bodies, the incredibly charming physics-based game, is receiving a new DLC, titled Cleanup, later this month.

In Heavenly Bodies, players become 70s cosmonauts and control their characters’ arms and legs with analogue sticks to solve evolving physics-based puzzles in space. From assembling space telescopes to cosmic botany, they’ll perform extraordinary feats with just their mind and diagrams from mission control.

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What is the Cleanup DLC?

The Cleanup DLC takes place in a vast new space station over 7 days, tackling the aftermath of catastrophic events from the base game. Players will be equipped with new tools and will need to repair the debris-damaged station, dispose of hazardous scrap, and investigate the previous mission’s failure.

The estimated playtime is around the same length as the base game, so this DLC definitely provides a good bang for your buck!

“With Cleanup, we feel that we’ve successfully managed to expand on what is enjoyable about the game at its core, giving new and old players what now feels like a mini-sequel to the original game,” says Joshua Tatangelo, one-half of the development team behind the game. Alex Perrin, the other half of 2pt Interactive, also added, “After finishing Heavenly Bodies, we had so many ideas about the things we wanted to still do. We made a real effort to include all the new ideas we found exciting ourselves here, and we hope players really enjoy them too!”

You can expect the DLC to feature:

  • a brand new, expansive semi-open level split across 7 days
  • A New Piloted Manoeuvring Unit (PMU) Vehicle
  • New tools and Gadgets. This includes magnetic attractors, drills and more
  • new challenging gameplay mechanic.
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Heavenly Bodies Cleanup DLC Release Date Details

The Heavenly Bodies Cleanup DLC releases on July 26, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The base game and the DLC are priced at USD$25, and the DLC on its own is priced at USD$7.99.


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