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Gameplay, Character Models & More Revealed For The Sims 5

Following the playtest of The Sims 5, known as Project Rene, more details for the upcoming life simulator have been unveiled.

The Sims 5 recently had one of its most essential details leak from a playtest: its map. Players who participated in the game’s playtest have been datamining the title, which allows them to see the game’s code to view what the game contains. In the case of The Sims 5, the map wasn’t the only element players came across.

New Gameplay And Map Details For The Sims 5

The new details of The Sims 5 leaked playtest showcases various gameplay details, including character models and the cityscape. The leak again comes from DzXAnt22 on Reddit, who leaked the map for the new game. The leaked video shows the beginning tutorial, showcasing details about the available customization features. Furthermore, it details how you can reshape your furniture around your apartment and add different accents to household items. The video also shows the process of designing a room structure in the game’s build mode, a feature that will likely be expanded further in the full game.

The different customization options The Sims 5 entails will allow players to decorate their homes and shape them to suit how they want them to be. The series has always been about making your life and home how you wish, and the newest title seems to be taking things up a notch. However, one thing to remember is that the leaked build is over a year old. Therefore, features could be removed or even improved upon more from what is shown. You can refer to the video below from the playtest build.

When it comes to the city, The Sims 5 will be based on the design and structure of Paris, France. The roads and, more specifically, the architecture are reminiscent of the downtown section of Paris. The Sims 5 having a map like this may lead to believing it will be more populated or busy, reflecting the real-life version of the city.

The Sims 5 Character Model Details

Thanks to the same playtest leaker on Reddit, The Sims 5 character models are available. The images in the leak show the characters’ different styles.

Whether they are playable or random NPCs is currently unknown. However, they show us what we can expect regarding the models in The Sims 5. The models may have graphical issues because these are being datamined from an old playtest build. Therefore, many of the designs will change and look better as the game progresses in development. Below are the examples of The Sims character models discovered in The Sims 5 playtest build.

The information should always be taken with a grain of salt, even with these leaks, as it will likely change in development. Nevertheless, these leaks point to some noticeable changes in gameplay for the next game in the series. We will likely hear more about The Sims 5 soon as time passes. Until then, make sure to head over to our Guide Hub for more articles like this one.