Final Fantasy 16: What is Ultima?

Ultima is a reoccurring element in the Final Fantasy series in different forms. We look at Ultima in the latest title Final Fantasy 16.

In latin, Ultima means “The last”. When you see its name in the Final Fantasy series, you know it’s something serious.

From being the most powerful black magic spell in titles such as Final Fantasy X, to a powerful enemy in Final Fantasy XI – Ultima has played an important role. Again Ultima appears in Final Fantasy 16, but this time in a new form.

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Who is Ultima in Final Fantasy 16?

Ultima is the main antagonist and final boss of Final Fantasy 16. He is a pale-skinned, humanoid god with four arms and a body mostly covered in purplish crystal.

In his initial form, he appears monstrous and enlarged, blueish, and legless with tentacle-like limbs. His other forms include Ultima Prime, where he transforms into a black, larger, winged version of Ifrit, and Ultima Risen, which is a more winged version of Ultima Prime.

His true form is similar to his base form, but with more of his body encased in crystal, and large, floating white wings. In his final form, Ultimalius, he is entirely covered in crystalline material with an emerald hue, golden markings, and parts glowing due to his magic.

He is depicted as cold, detached, and arrogant, believing himself to be absolute and superior to all. This arrogant exterior shatters when he is opposed by Clive, revealing him to be a coward unwilling to admit his flaws.

In terms of abilities, Ultima can teleport, create barriers, unleash magic blasts, and is resilient to attacks. He can morph into different forms, using various attacks and magic spells. He also uses ultimate tier spells such as Flare, Holy, Meteor, and Ultima.

Ultima and his kin were responsible for creating magic, and subsequently, the world-destroying Blight. To escape the Blight, they fled to a new world, Valisthea, and sacrificed their physical forms to create the Mothercrystal’s to power a new world. They created humanity to produce the Mythos, a being with unimaginable power, which could be inhabited by Ultima.

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