The Municipal Government faction shooting rifles in Fallout 76 Atlantic City

Fallout 76 Atlantic City: Everything You Need to Know

The Fallout 76 Atlantic City update is right around the corner. So, to get fans ready, we’ve put together everything you need to know about it.

The newest update to the popular online roleplaying game, Fallout 76, is released very soon. It sees players whisked off to the booze-ridden boardwalks of Atlantic City to face new threats and experience all-new stories. With a ton of new content being added to the game, we thought we’d compile absolutely everything so you can be caught up before jumping in.

Fallout 76 Atlantic City Release Date

The Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise update for Fallout 76 is divided into two parts, with the first releasing on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. The second part will be released in Q1 2024. The exact release date of the second part is yet to be confirmed. However, Q1 includes the dates between January 1 and March 31.

This release date has been officially confirmed by Bethesda, who gave us a guided preview of the update’s first expedition, as well as an inside look into some of its key features. You can read our preview here.

The player shooting the Overgrown enemy with a shotgun in Fallout 76 Atlantic City
The new Overgrown enemy type

Everything New in Fallout 76 Atlantic City Update

The Fallout 76 Atlantic City update is split into two parts called Boardwalk Paradise and American’s Playground. It adds a whole host of new features, including three expeditions, the first two of which are called Tax Evasion and The Most Sensational Game, as well as the brand-new Atlantic City location. In addition to the new location, the update also adds new 3 factions and 2 new enemy types, which will be at the forefront of your expeditions. Here is a complete list of everything you can expect from the Atlantic City update:

  • Brand location: Atlantic City
    • Side locations include:
      • The Boardwalk
      • Atlantic City Aquarium
      • Neapolitan Casino
      • Quintinos Club
  • Three new expeditions
    • Tax Evasion
    • The Most Sensational Game
    • Unnamed expedition
  • 2 new enemy types
    • The Overgrown
    • Lesser Devil
  • 3 new factions
    • The Family
    • The Showmen
    • The Municipal Government
  • New Story Content
The Showman's Pier in Fallout 76 Atlantic City
A new location in Fallout 76 Atlantic City

The first part, Boardwalk Paradise, introduces players to two expeditions. The first is called Tax Evasion, which sees the player deal with an accountant for The Family, Billy Beltbuckles, who happens to be in a lot of debt. The second expedition, called The Most Sensational Game, sees you venture to Atlantic City’s Aquarium to assist The Showmen with their dark and twisted games.

The second part of the update, America’s Playground, promises to expand the already enormous Fallout 76 landscape. It lets players roam freely around Atlantic City as well as introduces a third expedition and new story content.

How to Start Fallout 76 Atlantic City

Players can start the Fallout 76 Atlantic City update at any time during their playthrough by opening their map and selecting expeditions, much like in the Pitt update. Additionally, newcomers can either create a brand-new character at level 1 or start the update as a “Battle Ready dweller”, which automatically sets you to level 20. This option also gives players the option to choose their weapon loadout, each with preset and complimenting perks and stat distributions. You can check out our complete “Battle Ready dweller” guide here.

Bethesda’s developers have taken great care to ensure that the new update is accessible to new players. Joshua Moretto, the lead quest designer, emphasized to us the effort the team went through to make the content as engaging and accessible to new Fallout 76 players as possible. Additionally, Art Director Jonathan Rush and Associate Quest Designer Stephanie Zachariadis echoed this sentiment. They were equally as excited for players to experience the new content.

The Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise updates for Fallout 76 are set to bring a fresh and exciting twist to the game. Bethesda’s dedication to enhancing the player experience shines through in this ambitious expansion, promising to keep the Fallout 76 diehards coming back for more. To see more articles on the Fallout 76 Atlantic City update, check out our full coverage here.