One Million Players Logged into Fallout 76 in One Day

Just one day after the release of the Fallout TV series, Fallout 76 saw a huge boost in player count, sending it skyrocketing through the charts.

While the Fallout series has always been immensely popular, since the release of the critically acclaimed Amazon Prime adaptation, it has ballooned even more in popularity. New and old fans alike are heading into the apocalyptic wasteland, ready to shoot some radroaches. Surprisingly, the most popular game in the series has been its most maligned, Fallout 76. In just one day, it saw one million players trying the game out.

When Were One Million Players on Fallout 76?

Unfortunately, Fallout 76’s exciting announcement on X (formerly Twitter) did not mention a specific date when the 2018 game reached one million players in a single day. However, according to SteamDB, 73,368 players were seen playing Fallout 76 only days ago. Of course, SteamDB does not give us the exact number of players enjoying Fallout 76, as it only counts Steam users playing the game. Nevertheless, when taking into account all other platforms and the hype surrounding the show, it’s likely that Fallout 76 reached one million players around the release of the show. Of course, if you’re keen to play it for yourself, you should first check to see if it’s worth trying out in 2024.

2018’s Fallout 76 has received a lot of love since the Fallout television series went live. However, it is not the only Fallout game that has received an abundance of players since then. Fallout also announced on X that just under five million players were seen playing across all Fallout games in a single day as well. Undoubtedly, the Fallout series adaptation has reignited interest in the franchise and will only continue to flourish as it returns for a second season.

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