Fallout 76 Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise Preview

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, Game Crater was taken on a guided tour of the upcoming Fallout 76 update, Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise, by the team at Bethesda. Our experience included a full hands-off playthrough of “Tax Evasion,” one of the two expeditions set to release in part one of this eagerly awaited update.

Showing us through Fallout 76’s latest offering were Art Director Jonathan Rush and Quest Designers Joshua Moretto and Stephanie Zachariadis, who were very excited for players to get their hands on this new content. The first part of the update will be released on Tuesday, December 5. It will include two expeditions, new factions, a new enemy, and some great quality-of-life updates. The second part of the update is set to be released in Q1 2024. It includes a third expedition, additional enemies, exciting new story content, and allows players to explore Atlantic City freely.

“Players will begin the expedition by venturing to the heart of Atlantic City.”

The gameplay we were shown was of the first expedition, “Tax Evasion,” which is filled with humor, strategy, and action. This mission is centered around Billy Beltbuckles, a character known for his excessive use of belts thanks to a traumatic childhood “pantsing” courtesy of Sal Stickyfingers. Billy is a somewhat inept member of The Lombardy Family and is absolutely in over his head as their accountant. It may come as no surprise that the position was given to him as a result of nepotism.

The expedition started with us venturing to the heart of Atlantic City. There, we found Billy being held at gunpoint by The Showmen. Due to Billy’s incompetence, The Family owes a lot of money, and debt collectors have come to recoup their losses. Of course, this is where you come in. It’s up to you to help him cook the books and save him from having to pay the debt with his life.

The new Overgrown enemy

During our preview, we got to see several of the locations in Atlantic City. This included the incredible Casino, as well as a club called Quintinos, which is a popular mafia hangout. Additionally, we saw that while you progress through the main objective of saving the world’s worst accountant, you will get the opportunity to complete numerous optional side objectives. If you choose to do these, you will get even more rewards once you’ve completed the expedition.

“Each playthrough of the expeditions in Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise will feel different as the objectives and events are randomized.”

The team at Bethesda said a key focus for Atlantic City was to listen to community feedback from The Pitt. They had already made some great quality-of-life changes to expeditions, such as removing the battery charge requirements to initiate them. However, here, the team has gone several steps further by making them much more replayable. They’ve achieved this by making them more rewarding and accessible, especially for players who can only spare short gaming sessions.

Each playthrough of the expeditions in Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise will feel different as the objectives and events are randomized. In our playthrough, we were raided by the new enemy type, The Overgrown, whilst exploring the streets of Atlantic City. It’s a fun touch that keeps you on your toes during every run. Expeditions have also been designed to be shorter than those available in The Pitt. We were told they should take around 15 minutes to complete.

The new Municipal Government faction

Players will be earning many more rewards than in previous expeditions, and they’ll be coming more frequently due to the shorter mission times. There have been some really great additions to the loot pool in the form of casino-themed games. These can even be won and then built at your own C.A.M.P., letting you set up your own casino! This approach is reflective of Bethesda’s intent to make the game more engaging with less needless grinding. It ensures that players can enjoy a fulfilling experience even in brief playthroughs.

“Focusing on listening to player feedback has evidently shaped this update into something special that fans will almost certainly enjoy.”

After our exclusive preview with Bethesda’s talented team, it’s clear that players have every reason to be excited about the upcoming Fallout 76 update, Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise. The commitment to making each playthrough distinct and rewarding with randomized objectives and events ensures a dynamic and engaging gaming session every time.

Focusing on listening to player feedback and the implementation of quality-of-life improvements has evidently shaped this update into something special that the passionate Fallout 76 player base will almost certainly enjoy.