Genshin Impact Version 2.2 Key Art

Everything You Need to Know About The Genshin Impact 2.2 Update

On October 13th, Genshin Impact, by Chinese developer miHoYo, receives its first post-anniversary update in the form of version 2.2.

The version 2.2 special program announced that characters are getting reruns along with quests and new events. The latest version’s name, “Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog”, gives away the setting for 2.2. Indeed, it is the location of the “Labyrinth Warriors” event and brings along ample rewards as all Genshin events usually do – including Primogems, of course. You can check out the trailer here.


In the aforementioned event, players can obtain a free copy of Xinyan, the famed rockstar from Liyue. She has received very little screen time so far. Hopefully, this version will make up that time. Moreover, the Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover character, Aloy, is available for free on all platforms in version 2.2, having previously been a PSN exclusive.

Image credit – Genshin Impact

The popular “fixer” from Inazuma, Thoma, also joins the playable character cast as a 4-star pyro polearm user. He can be obtained as part of the rerun character banner for Hu Tao, which will take place after Childe’s rerun banner. Lastly, Sayu and Thoma will both get a hangout quest.


Along with the characters, several new weapons will make their introduction.

These include:

  • Polar Star, a 5-star bow
  • Wavebreaker’s Fin, a 4-star polearm
  • Akuoumaru, a 4-star sword
  • Mouun’s Moon, a 4-star bow
Display of new weapons coming to Genshin Impact in the new update
Image credit – Genshin Impact


Several old and new events will transpire throughout this version. Some old events include Ley Line Overflow and a harp rhythm game, similar to the Windblume festival event in Version 1.4.

On the other hand, the aforementioned “Labyrinth Warriors” and “Shadow of the Ancients” are the new events on the horizon.

Image credit – Genshin Impact

New island

At the onset, players knew that Inazuma had six islands. The sixth island, Tsurumi Island, now completes the entire region, with the first five already revealed.

The island is perpetually permeated in a dense fog that hides all the dangers lurking within. Perhaps, one could even call it a “Labyrinth of Fog”.

Image credit – Genshin Impact

New Monsters and New Meta

A new island means new monsters. This time, it overhauls the meta of Genshin Impact. Previously, players relied heavily on shields from characters like Zhongli or Noelle to tank damage. However, these new “Rifthound” monsters on Tsurumi Island completely ignore shields favouring consistent damage over time; “corrosion”.

The previous version introduced this effect in the Spiral Abyss upper floors but now applies it in the metagame. With this new change, healers are now essential to any party due to the redundancy of shields. As a result, players who planned on skipping Kokomi Sangonomiya might want to take a second look.

Image credit – Genshin Impact

Serenitea pot

The game’s housing system is also welcoming new additions.

  • The Dreams of Bloom gardening event promises rewards in exchange for completing certain requests.
  • The hibiscus, pearbell and silkpod introduce themselves as new plants from Tsurumi Island. This also means their seeds can be planted and harvested in the Serenitea gardens.
  • A new Inazuma realm style named Silken Courtyard will be available for players who have a level 40 Sakura tree or above.
  • New floating platforms can be placed in the realm.
  • A new type of chest called the Remarkable chest offers furnishing blueprints as rewards when opened.
Image credit – Genshin Impact

Collaboration and New Features

Genshin Impact entered into collaboration with Razer to provide several exclusive co-branded products. Players who purchase this merchandise will receive various in-game rewards depending on the item. Moreover, version 2.2 adds dual-sense controller support for the game on PC. Lastly, the limit for the number of artifacts that a player can hold in their inventory will increase to 1500.

Image credit- Genshin Impact

In the end, this special program was the shortest one so far, clocking in at around 30 minutes. Consequently, it forebodes nothing for the upcoming version. That said, there are a few important details, including new characters, weapons, events, Tsurumi Island and a meta shift. What do you think about the update?