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Genshin Impact Character, Kokomi, Could Revolutionise The Meta

The upcoming character, Kokomi Sangonomiya, not only adds complexity to the plot but could also usher in a new way to play Genshin Impact.

From its inception, Genshin Impact has featured an ever-increasing number of strong female playable characters. One of the upcoming additions to this cast is the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi Sangonomiya. She was revealed in version 2.0, but will only be playable after the 2.1 update. It launches in early September. Yet, beyond her fascinating background, her stats caught the eye of many players.

Kokomi - Character
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The Current Meta

At the moment, the meta (most effective tactics available) of Genshin Impact is all about landing critical hits. As a result, players spend hours farming artifacts with the coveted Critical Damage substat as well as millions of mora and talent books. Essentially, it means that you don’t need to payout for a 5 star. That may seem unbelievable in a gacha game. However, 4 stars like Ninguang or Xingqiu can defeat weekly bosses in a single hit with some help from Bennett. With enough constellation, high-level talents and the right artefacts, the possibilities are endless.

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Kokomi’s Stats

That said, Kokomi’s passive talents focus on healing and Hydro damage. Based on the numbers alone, once playable she could become the best healer in the game. However, what is more eye-catching is her last passive talent ‘‘Flawless Strategy’.’ This talent increases her healing bonus by 25%, but reduces her Crit Rate by 100%. Of course, Kokomi is not designed to be a DPS character. However, the inability to land any critical hits seems like a giant handicap in the current meta.

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A New Way To Play

However, this could turn out not to be a handicap at all. After all, Kokomi’s healing and damage both scale off her HP. This means all her different attacks would work together to deal reliable damage. All of this is achievable without relying on Crit stats from artifacts that take thousands of hours to farm. Indeed, if Kokomi’s introduction is successful, she could bring about a new meta in the game. The other stats like Elemental Damage, Attack, Defense or even Elemental Mastery could become more significant for certain characters in exchange for not being able to land any Crit Damage.

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As said before, Kokomi is not a DPS, so players shouldn’t expect six-figure damage from her. However, her innovative playstyle could bring about more characters like her in the coming updates. What do you think about a consistent DPS character like Kokomi? Let us know below!