Genshin Impact Hu Tao

Genshin Impact Newest 5 Star Character: Hutao’s Abilities Confirmed!

There has been a lot of noise around the Genshin Impact 1.3 update and the abilities of the upcoming 5-star character, Hu Tao, are no exception.

The images you are about to see are courtesy of Genshin Intel and are the original sources written in simplified Chinese. They fully detail Hu Tao’s talents. Below is a rough translation of what these abilities entail (credit to Si Wen Shen):

Hu Tao
Image Credit – Genshin Intel

Rebirth’s Chaperone:

Only the endless flames can cleanse the world of impurities. Hu Tao consumes part of her HP to knock back enemies around her and enter the stance: “Butterfly Dance of the Other Shore.”

Butterfly Dance of the Other Shore:

Increases Hu Tao’s ATK based on Hu Tao’s max HP when she enters the stance. This bonus can’t exceed 300% of Hu Tao’s base ATK. Convert attack dmg to pyro dmg; infusions can’t overwrite this elemental conversion. The charged attack will apply the Blood Plum effect to the enemy; it increases Hu Tao’s resistance interruption.

Blood Plum:

Enemies affected by Blood Plum will receive pyro damage every 4s. This damage is counted as elemental skill damage. A target can only have one Blood Plum effect simultaneously, and Hu Tao herself can only refresh its duration. Butterfly Dance of the Other Shore will last until either the skill duration expires, Hu Tao leaves the field, or Hu Tao is knocked out.

Hu Tao
Image Credit – Genshin Intel


Hu Tao swings blazing souls with AoE pyro damage. Every time an enemy is hit, Hutao is healed for a fraction of her max HP. A maximum of 5 enemies can heal her. If Hutao’s under 50% of her max HP, souls do additional damage and healing.

Additional Information:

Unlike Childe, her Butterfly Dance of the Other Shore stance cannot be manually turned off. It only turns off if:
1) Hu Tao dies;
2) Hu Tao gets switched out;
3) The stance expires (after the 10-second duration)

Image Credit – Genshin Impact

To Roll Or Not To Roll…

With this newfound knowledge, you can now judge whether to roll or not roll for Hu Tao based on how she might or might not fit in your team composition or gameplay style!

Will you be rolling for Hu Tao? Let us know in the comments below!