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Content Warning Wants Your Footage For a New Project

Players can participate in a brand-new Content Warning project, which sees them to submit their footage for other players to find.

If you’ve played Content Warning at all, you’ll know just how unbelievably funny your footage can end up being. Even if you haven’t, you’ve likely watched someone play it online and had a good chuckle and maybe a scream. Well, the big brains at Landfall Games are now incorporating this joy of watching other people’s footage into the game. Better yet, you can help them with it.

Content Warning Devs Asking Players to Share Their Footage

Content Warning’s publisher, Landfall Games, has asked players if they’d like to share their in-game footage as part of a new project called “The Lost Footage Project.” If players agree, Landfall Games will choose their favorites and hide them for others to find in their games. The idea is that other players will uncover this “lost” footage (aka your hilarious clips with your friends) while exploring. Then, they’ll either get ideas for their own videos or have a good laugh.

To submit your footage, you’ll need to head to their application form, which you can find here. From there, you’ll need to sign a waiver essentially saying that Landfall Games is allowed to use your footage. Finally, you just need to attach a link to your footage on social media. It’s very important to note that you cannot send edited footage. It has to be saved in-game camera footage in order to qualify.

Additionally, you must be 18+ in order to sign the waiver. You’ll need to give them your full name, national ID number, address, phone number, postal code, city, and email address. It’s a lot, but according to the application form, “the information will only be used for the purpose of legitimizing the waivers and will not be shared outside of Landfall.” So, if you’re up for having other players find clips of you and your mates messing around in Content Warning, get uploading your best clips to X, YouTube, or whatever your preferred social media platform is. Who knows, we may end up watching you get killed by the game’s scariest monsters.

Will you be taking part in the Content Warning “Lost Footage Project”? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for all things Content Warning.

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