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Content Warning Developers Remove More Player Multiplayer Mods

Players who have been hoping to add more players with mods in Content Warning are out of luck, as the developers have removed them.

Content Warning, the survival-horror indie title about tempting dangers for views has been massive. As more players check the game out, some have been using mods to expand their multiplayer lobby limit. However, the developers behind Content Warning quickly shut down the mods. Although it may seem harsh to do it, they have a reason for the action.

Content Warning Devs Shut Down Multiplayer Lobby Expansion Mods

Content Warning allows players to play online with a maximum of 4 in a lobby. However, with the game getting more popular, many modders have joined the game and helped expand the experience. The most popular mod has been that of increasing the multiplayer lobby size. Rather than be stuck at 4 players, mods like Virality have allowed lobbies to grow to at least 12. However, Landfall has had to shut down these mods.

DotESports revealed that on the Content Warning Discord, a developer, speaking to a mod named Max, revealed the game’s mods were increasing the file size of servers. Furthermore, as these files increased, Steam would likely charge Landfall more money to recuperate costs for the additional file traffic. It could cause a domino effect in which the fees would stack up too much, so they had to be shut down.

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As you can see, the reasoning is very valid and not done with any malice. It is best to abide by the developer’s wishes and not further produce any more multiplayer lobby expansion mods. Steam may place fees further if the mods continue to get made, which isn’t fair to Landfall. Therefore, for now, players must adapt to the four-player lobby structure. Fortunately, though, other mods for the game have not been shut down. If you wish to know of others, be sure to visit our Mods Guide for Content Warning here.

Will Content Warning Multiplayer Lobbies Expand In The Future?

It is possible that after seeing the popularity of the mods and the reaction to them being shut down, an official update to expand lobbies will come, especially as Landfall is actively working on and improving the game. However, there is no confirmation on this, and we can only wait to see what happens as Content Warning evolves.

Any players looking to experience a new game with their friends and think they can handle the scares should check out Content Warning. If you wish to learn more about the game first, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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