Bardock Fighting in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Trailer

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Might Not Feature Split-Screen Gameplay

Recent rumors have been circulating that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero may not be featuring split-screen gameplay at launch.

Over the years, Dragon Ball Z has had countless beloved fighting games that players love to enjoy with friends. Many feature split-screen gameplay, which makes it the perfect competitive game to play with others on the couch. However, recent rumors about Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero and its disappointing lack of Split-Screen multiplayer have emerged.

Why Could Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Not Have Spilt-Screen?

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero might not be featuring split-screen gameplay due to issues with split-screen adaptation for Sony and Microsoft. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have different specs for split-screen adaptation, and the developers are finding that Xbox Series X/S is more complicated to input the mode. The team is aware of the significant demand for this mode to be included in the game and is currently trying to find a solution to the problem.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero features a barrage of content, including a story mode evolving from Tenkaichi 3, improved graphics, deteriorating outfits, longer fights, immersive backgrounds, and new characters from Dragon Ball, so players will want to have the option to experience it in local split-screen. However, it is a matter of patience to see if this game mechanic will make it into the game.

Vegeta Fighting in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Trailer
Vegeta Fighting in Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero

When Does Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Release?

There is no confirmed date when Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will be released. However, it seems like the game will launch in late 2024. If you haven’t seen the latest gameplay, you can check out our coverage here.

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