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Call of Duty: MW3: When is the Next Free Weekend?

Call of Duty: MW3 has already been played by millions of players around the world, but those who haven’t had the time or finances to check it out will be wondering when the next free weekend is on the cards.

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and with every new game, it only grows in popularity. Below are details on when a free weekend is coming for the game.

When is the Free Weekend for Call of Duty: MW3?

Call of Duty: MW3 will be free from February 8 to February 12, 2024. The last time MW3 was free to the public was last year, but players can try out some of the content that is available in the full game.

As Call of Duty is a popular series, many are interested in picking it up during this time. So, it only makes sense to allow players who are curious about MW3 an opportunity to test it out. The image below highlights all the features of the upcoming Free Trial weekend.

Call of Duty: Mw3 Free Weekend Banner February 2024
Call of Duty: MW3 Free Weekend Banner – February 2024

What is the Free Weekend in Call of Duty: MW3?

Free weekends in MW3 are short trials that allow players to experience the full game or limited modes for free. Simply put, a free weekend is essentially a demo. Players participating in the weekend event can level up their multiplayer progress, and this will carry over if they decide to purchase the game.

The Call of Duty series has done free weekend trials for many titles now, and it’s an excellent system for allowing others to experience the series and see whether or not they would like to play it.

That is currently everything we know about a free weekend trial for MW3. Anyone interested in the game can refer to our Game Guide Hub for more details.