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All Power-Ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

There are several power-ups throughout Super Mario Bros. Wonder, each offering unique abilities to aid your playthrough.

Mario and his allies have been able to best their adversaries through power-ups in different titles. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no stranger, allowing many unique abilities to acquire and use. Below are all of the power-ups the game has to offer.

Elephant Fruit

The most recognizable power-up in the game, the Elephant Fruit, allows players to turn into the Elephant Suit when collected. The ability comes with its unique moves that differ from regular attacks. Below are the following moves:

  • Trunk Swing: Simply pushing the B button on a controller or the down button on a single Joy-Con will perform the move.
  • Crouched Trunk Swing: Pressing B + the down button on the controller or down button + crouch on a single Joy-Con.
  • Water Spray: Players must first collect water and press the B button to spray water at enemies. The same can be done on a single Joy-Con by pressing the down button.
The elephant form in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Bubble Flower

The Bubble Flower is a power-up designed to allow the players to shoot bubbles as an attack move. The attack casting works similarly to the fire flowers from earlier Super Mario games.

The bubbles move slowly and capture enemies, from which the enemy is defeated. Players can also use the bubbles to jump onto and ascend to new heights in levels.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Bubble Suit
Bubble Flower, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Drill Mushroom

While using the Drill Mushroom power-up, players can drill either upwards or downwards to explore new areas of the level. The head of the drill can also be used to defeat enemies as long as they are in its path.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Drill Mushroom
Drill Mushroom, Image Credit – LegendaryMarioGaming

Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom is an iconic ability throughout the entire Super Mario series. The power-up allows Mario to grow in size and take an extra hit from enemies without losing a life. Also, players using the Super Mushroom can destroy blocks by jumping into them.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Super Mushroom
Super Mushroom, Image Credit – Master0fHyrule

Fire Flower

Another notable power-up returning in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Fire Flower. When players pick this item up, their character can cast fireballs to take down enemies from a reasonable distance.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Fire Flower
Fire Flower, Image Credit – Dexerto

Super Star

The Super Star is a classic ability from Mario games that grants the owner temporary invulnerability while the duration of the star is active. Any enemy that comes into contact while the star is active will also be instantly defeated.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Super Star
Super Star, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Lakitu Cloud

As with the Lakitu Cloud throughout other Super Mario, players can take one and use it to fly around the level.

Getting hit in it will kick you out of the cloud; however, players can fly through different items, such as flame flowers, to generate fireballs in a ring to defeat enemies.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Lakitu Cloud
Lakitu Cloud, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity


Mario’s trusty dinosaur companion, Yoshi, returns in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. When Yoshi is spawned, players can ride on his back.

Doing so allows for faster traversal, the ability to eat enemies and spit them at others, or just get an extra bit of height in their jump. If the player is hit while riding, they will fall off and must catch Yoshi again.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Yoshi
Yoshi, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Ghost Form

The Ghost Form power-up is only available in co-op in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, if a player is hit by an enemy while in their smallest version, they will become a ghost.

After this occurs, they must make contact with another player that is alive within 5 seconds to go back to their original form and continue playing.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ghost Form
Ghost Form, Image Credit – Retro Archive

Lava Form

The Lava Form in Super Mario Bros. Wonder allows players to traverse through different lava sections without receiving any damage.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Lava Form
Lava Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Spike Ball Form

The Spike Ball Form transforms players into a rolling spike ball and allows for the destruction of any blocks in their way. The ball can jump and move around; any enemies that are hit by the ball are destroyed.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Spike Ball Form
Spike Ball Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Stretchy Form

The unique form allows for the character to stretch as if they are made of elastic material.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Stretchy Form
Stretchy Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Goomba Form

When grabbing the Wonder Flower item, there is a chance the player will turn into the Goomba Form of their character. Taking on the characteristics of the iconic enemy, the player moves slowly and cannot jump at all.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Goomba Form
Goomba Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Balloon Form

Players will inflate like a balloon and float around the map, slowly directing around with their arms in order to guide themselves.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Balloon Form
Balloon Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Hoppycat Form

Becoming a Hoppycat allows for players to essentially be protected all around and can use their jump ability to incredibly high and destroy enemies with the spikes located on the top of the form’s head.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Hoppycat Form
Hoppycat Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Wubba Form

When taking on the Wubba Form, players can become like the goo-like blob creatures throughout the worlds of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Besides becoming a blob, the power-up allows for players to stick to walls and ceilings, being able to traverse to new parts of the level and grab hidden items.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Wubba Form
Wubba Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Cake Form

Another power-up within Super Mario Bros. Wonder is taking the form of a giant cake. The character, while disguised as a cake, can move from side to side and make small jumps. Many items won’t hurt the player as the form is essentially inpenetrable and destroys most things in its way.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Cake Form
Cake Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Top-Down Form

A new type of power-up within the Super Mario universe. Grabbing this transforms the world into a top-down perspective, making for a new way of traversal across the stage for players.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Top-Down Form
Top-Down Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

Metal Form

The Metal version of characters returns again as a power-up for players to earn in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The form allows you to pass through volatile areas such as through electricity and not receive damage for a set amount of time.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Metal Form
Metal Form, Image Credit – Nintendo Unity

That is all of the power-ups available in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Anyone interested in more information on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here for other Super Mario Bros. Wonder guides.