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How Difficult Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is perhaps more difficult than you were expecting, but there are plenty of accessibility options for newcomers.

The Mario series hasn’t always been known for its difficulty outside of hunting down its many hidden collectibles. Well, it seems like Super Mario Bros. Wonder is switching things up, as it’s quite a challenging game. But just how difficult is Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and can you make it easier?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Difficulty

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a challenging game that will test even the most seasoned of Mario players. It also doesn’t have difficulty settings, meaning players are stuck with the default level of difficulty. However, it has plenty of ways to alter its difficulty that make it much easier for newcomers and more casual players to enjoy.

For example, players can find 100 Badges throughout the game that can make it significantly easier or harder, depending on your preference.

To make the game easier, the Badges you should use are:

  • Action Badges
    • These give you heightened abilities, like higher jumps.
  • Boost Badges
    • These give passive abilities, such as starting every stage with a Super Mushroom.

To make the game more challenging, the Badges you should use are:

  • Expert Badges
    • These increase the difficulty by doing things like forcing you to sprint everywhere.
The badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
These are just some of the 100 Badges you can collect in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Additionally, certain characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder can make the game easier. Yoshi and Nabbit are meant for casual players as they don’t take any damage from enemies, making them practically invincible. You can also purchase Standees that can be placed anywhere in a stage and be used as a temporary checkpoint.

At the end of the day, it is a Mario game, and as such, a lot of concessions have been made to make it as approachable as possible to newcomers while catering to hardcore fans. Of course, to make things a little easier, check out our Games Hub for all of our Super Mario Bros. Wonder guides.

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