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All Maps in The Finals: Full List

The Finals features a handful of completely destructible maps for players to battle it out in. Here is every map currently available.

If you’re gearing up to play The Finals or are just wondering what content is available, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a lot to see. However, the amount of maps currently playable is a little bit of a sore spot for some fans. Below, we list absolutely every map in The Finals, as well as details about each of them.

Every Map in The Finals

There are currently 4 maps in The Finals, which each have a day and night variant. They are:

  • Seoul
  • Monaco
  • Las Vegas
  • Skyway Stadium

The Seoul map sees players battle it out across skyscrapers in the South Korean capital city. It’s a hectic map that encourages close-range combat and, of course, allows players to completely destroy every aspect of it. You’ll need to bring your A-game if you want to win here, as well as the best weapons in The Finals.

The Seoul map in The Finals
The Seoul map

Conversely, Monaco is a more open-ended map set on the streets of the titular city, with far fewer buildings getting in the way. However, it’s still completely destructible and caters to all playstyles.

The Monaco map in The Finals
The Monaco map

The Las Vegas map was added for the official launch of the game. It’s packed with wide casinos, underground sections, and plenty of interiors to destroy. It can be a tough map, especially if you get caught out of cover, or worse yet, your cover gets blown up.

The Las Vegas map in The Finals
The Las Vegas map

Finally, Skyway Stadium is a lot like the Monaco map if it had more buildings. There are plenty of highrise office buildings to blow up, as well as some lowrise residential areas. You’ll be able to travel between these two sections via bridges and jump pads.

Skyview Stadium map in The Finals
The Skyview Stadium map

More maps are planned for The Finals, especially now it has been fully released. However, Embark Studios has not yet confirmed what these maps will be. While you either duke it out in the available maps or wait for more, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more The Finals guides.

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