The Finals Uses AI Commentators

The Finals Uses AI Voice Text to Speech As Arena Commentators

The Finals is receiving a lot of positive feedback in its Open Beta, but some people are upset as it has recently come to light that the developers are using AI Voice in their game.

The first-person shooter has been an absolute smash hit — literally — with players due to destructive environments and fast-paced action, but not all the feedback has been positive.

The Finals Uses AI Text-to-Speech

In a Spotify podcast by Embark Studios called Meet the Makers, Carl Tamleht and Andreas Glad talked about the audio design for The Finals and confirmed that they use AI text-to-speech for the in-game commentary.

At the 6.30-minute mark in the episode, they are asked the question, “Who did the voiceovers? As they sound really authentic.” They responded, “So here’s the kicker: what did the voiceovers? So the thing is, we used AI with a few exceptions, so all the contestant voices, both of our commentators are AI text to speech.” For the rest of the audio, player grunting, breathing, and so on, Andreas Glad stated that they can’t get AI to perform these sounds, so they create them in the studio.

Both of our commentators are AI text to speech.

Andreas Glad, Embark Studios Audio Designer
THE_FINALS Concept Art

How Have People Reacted To AI in The Finals

Despite the amount of praise The Finals is receiving, there will always be AI debate about whether it has a place in video games. There have been some mixed responses, with people happy to overlook it if it provides the potential for unique voice lines over time. At the same time, others feel for the industry and wish that they paid voice actors to provide audio for the game.

While this isn’t the first game to do this, it won’t certainly be the last. How do you feel about using AI in video games?

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