Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth looking to the right at PlayStation Platinum Trophy

All Achievements & Trophies In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a large number of trophies and achievements, including some that are quite a challenge to get. Here’s what you need to know.

Pulling absolutely no punches, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has over 60 trophies on PS5 and includes a wide variety of tasks for you to complete in order to earn them all. This staggering list of achievements covers all bases, which include the standard completion of each of the game’s many story chapters, completing various feats in combat, and much more! Below, we list all the game’s trophies and how to unlock them.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Full List of Trophies & Achievements

There are a total of 61 (including Platinum) trophies and achievements in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You can check out the full list below, including how to unlock each one:

Trophy NameDescriptionTrophy Type
The Planet’s HopeEarn all FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH trophies.Platinum
Never Meet Your HeroesComplete Chapter 1.Bronze
Swampy SituationComplete Chapter 2.Bronze
Make Mine BackComplete Chapter 3.Bronze
The President’s CommendationComplete Chapter 4.Bronze
Cryptic CameoComplete Chapter 5.Bronze
Fun in the SunComplete Chapter 6.Bronze
The Price of ProgressComplete Chapter 7.Bronze
Worth the Weight?Complete Chapter 8.Bronze
Crying OutComplete Chapter 9.Bronze
Stars Fell from My EyesComplete Chapter 10.Bronze
You’re Not MurasakiComplete Chapter 11.Bronze
Hearts Out, Dukes UpComplete Chapter 12.Bronze
I’m Here for YouComplete Chapter 13.Bronze
Confluence of WorldsComplete Chapter 14.Bronze
I Got ThisWin a battle.Bronze
Exploitative PracticesExploit an enemy’s weakness.Bronze
Unfettered FriendshipFree a bound ally.Bronze
Staggered LearningStagger an enemy.Bronze
Break It DownUse a limit break.Bronze
Fledgling SummonerInvoke a summon.Bronze
Team PlayerUse a synergy skill.Bronze
No “I” in “Synergy”Use a synergy ability.Bronze
Entering New MarketsComplete a quest.Bronze
Weapons 101Max out a weapon ability’s proficiency.Bronze
A Materia WorldLevel up an orb of materia.Bronze
New BloodRaise your Queen’s Blood rank.Bronze
Caching InComplete your search of a cache location.Bronze
I Brake for ChocobosRepair three chocobo stops.Bronze
Expert Ex-kweh-vatorUse a chocobo to find two treasures buried by rabbits.Bronze
You Work for Me NowDefeat a summon in battle and obtain its materia.Bronze
Intelligence AideGather world intel at five separate locations.Bronze
Intelligence SpecialistGather world intel at fifty separate locations.Bronze
Director of Regional IntelligenceGather all pieces of world intel in a region.Bronze
Founder’s BonusObtain a protorelic in the grasslands.Bronze
Fort Condor CommanderObtain a protorelic in the Junon region.Bronze
Cactuar CrusherObtain a protorelic in the Corel region.Bronze
Honorary TurkObtain a protorelic in the Gongaga region.Bronze
The Gambit Paid OffObtain a protorelic in the Cosmo Canyon region.Bronze
Professional HandlerObtain a protorelic in the Nibel region.Bronze
Bladesman of LegendDefeat Gilgamesh.Silver
Moogle LoverMax out your moogle emporium merchant rank.Bronze
Materia CompletionistDevelop all possible materia together with Chadley.Silver
7th, Assemble!Recruit all Midgar 7th Infantry units for the parade in Junon.Bronze
Stealing the ShowWin the prize for outstanding performance in the Junon Parade.Bronze
Card RoyaltyWin the Queen’s Blood tournament held on board the Shinra-8.Bronze
Critically AcclaimedReceive a review of S or higher for your performance in Loveless at the Gold Saucer.Bronze
1-Star StartupDonate 10 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.Bronze
3-Star HotelDonate 30 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.Bronze
5-Star HotelDonate 60 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.Silver
7-Star HotelInform Johnny that you have donated all possible items to his treasure trove.Gold
Polygonal PrizefighterDefeat Sephiroth in 3D Brawler.Bronze
Piano VirtuosoPlay all six Piano Outreach Association songs well enough to receive remuneration.Bronze
Are You Not Entertained?Complete all bouts in the Musclehead Colloseum.Bronze
Hall of FamerWin all Chocobo races.Bronze
My Job Here Is DoneComplete all quests.Bronze
Grind It OutAttain Level 70 with a character.Bronze
Staggering SuccessDeal 300% or more damage to a staggered enemy.Bronze
Well-RoundedMaster all weapon abilities and limit breaks, including those found in folios.Bronze
Of Hardy StockComplete all chapters on Hard difficulty.Silver
Virtually RenownedComplete all of Chadley’s combat simulations.Silver

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