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Activision Removes Controversial “Evil Groot” Skin After Issues in Call of Duty: MW3

Players have been calling for the removal of the “Evil Groot” skin from Call of Duty: MW3 for a while. Activision has finally responded.

So far, many different operator skins exist throughout the rebooted Modern Warfare series. However, there have been a few infamous ones, such as the classic Roze skin from 2019’s entry. These are typically broken or unfair due to their darker color scheme or complicated designs. A new Operator skin, known as “Evil Groot” in the community, was introduced in Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2. Since it’s release, it has been creating many issues for players, who have called for its removal. Below, we explain what the skin is and what is being done about it.

Has the “Evil Groot” Skin Been Removed From MW3?

Yes, the “Evil Groot” skin, which is officially called the Gaia skin, has been temporarily disabled in Call of Duty: MW3. This will last until Activision feels they have fixed it. The decision came from Sledgehammer Games due to the public outcry from players. The skin has been criticized for being hard to see in both MW2 and MW3’s maps. The most recognizable issue is using the skin and lying down in the grass on Wasteland in Call of Duty: MW3.

As the skin is made up of many thin twigs, players can see through parts of the skin. Therefore, even on bright maps like Quarry or Terminal, many have found it difficult to spot the skin. As stated before, this isn’t the first time an Operator’s skin has had to be disabled in Call of Duty. The Roze skin in 2019′ Modern Warfare was disabled due to being hard to see in many maps.

Call of Duty: MW3 Evil Groot
Gaia Operator Skin, In-game Screenshot

What is the “Evil Groot” Skin

The “Evil Groot” skin is known as Gaia and can be earned in the Season 6 Battle Pass through the paid tier in both MW2 and MW3. To equip the skin, players must assign it to the Operator named Nova in the SpecGru faction. Many players call it “Evil Groot” due to being a much sinister-looking version of the famous tree character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Modern Warfare series features varying designs for existing Operators within the games or even new additions. Collaborations such as Spawn, Skeletor, The Boys, and more are examples. However, the Gaia skin is one of the few that has left many of the player base divided on whether there are issues to it or not.

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