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A Total War Saga: Troy Receives Mythos Expansion & Steam Release

The Total War spin-off title, A Total War Saga: TROY, is receiving a brand new expansion called Mythos and is coming to Steam this September.

What Is The Mythos Expansion?

A Total War Saga: TROY was released back in August of 2020 as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Upon release, it received decent reviews, scoring a 4 out of 5 from Eurogamer and 75% on Metacritic. However, one aspect of the game that a few people had issues with was the lack of mythological aspects despite the game’s setting. The new Mythos content pack will finally allow players to experience the Trojan War “in all its mythological glory,” according to Creative Assembly.

A Total War Saga: Troy - Gameplay
Image Credit – Creative Assembly

Players will be able to set out on one of three new expeditions to track, fight, and tame legendary beasts. These include Cerberus, the mighty Griffin, and the nine-headed Hydra. On top of that those who get the Mythos expansion pack will have access to a mythological inspired campaign map. It will feature all-new gameplay options and new ways to “entice the gods and enact their divine will“. Additionally, there will be multiple new units added to the game. These include the legendary Arimaspoi and Shades from the underworld. Existing units such as the Centaur, Giants and Minotaur (that currently appear as a more realistic version of themselves) will be redesigned to appear more like their mythological counterparts. Spells and regenerative magic will be added as “supercharged battle abilities” for these units.

Free Content Coming To A Total War Saga: TROY

Alongside the Mythos expansion, a brand new game mode will be made available to all owners of A Total War Saga: TROY for free. It supposedly “dramatically changes the gameplay experience” of the base game. This new mode is the Historical mode, which offers “refreshing gameplay that overhauls TROY’s features.” It will allow players to experience the Aegean conflict from a more realistic and “history-first” perspective. One of the more notable changes being made is that battles will be fought between generals and their bodyguards as opposed to all-powerful singular units.

A Total War Saga: Troy In-game Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

Release Date & Price

The Mythos expansion will launch alongside the Steam release of A Total War Saga: TROY. This is happening on the 2nd of September, later this year. There will be a few different options for people to purchase the game on Steam. These include:

  • The Standard Edition, which comes with the base game and a 25% discount on launch
  • The Mythic Edition, which includes both the base game and the Mythos expansion, with an additional 30% off
  • Finally, the Heroic Edition includes the base game, the Mythos expansion, and the two current DLCs: Amazons DLC and Ajax & Diomedes DLC. This will launch with 40% off

These discounts will be available until September 30. The Mythos expansion will be available for purchase for £19.99 on both the Epic Games Store and Steam.