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Paint the Town Red Coming To Console & Steam This July

Paint the Town Red, the first-person brawler from developer South East Games will finally leave Early Access and release on console this July.

Paint the Town Red is a first-person brawler that has been in Early Access since 2015. In that time it has gained overwhelmingly positive reviews, with 96% of overall Steam reviews being positive. The developer, South East Games, has only worked on one other title, Probably Archery, which released onto Steam in 2014. Since Paint the Town Red launched, it has evolved quite significantly, transforming from a voxel sandbox game into a “deeply-customisable action experience”. Now the game is ready to release out of Early Access and into version 1.0. Co-founder of South East Games, Matthew Carr, spoke a little about what it is like to play Paint the Town Red.

Paint the Town Red’s lightning-fast, gory, and tactile combat makes it such a blast to play […] The simplistic voxel-based graphics present the game as clean and sterile at first glance, but once the fists start flying, all of the viscera and fleshy bits really add some colourful details.”

Matthew Carr ~ South East Games
Paint the Town Red - Gameplay
Image Credit – South East Games

What Is Paint The Town Red?

Paint the Town Red is a first-person brawler set across vast sandbox environments. The player must utilise any of the 200 weapons, as well as their environment to take down their opponents. There are a ton of game modes to choose from. These include a roguelike mode called Beneath and a challenge mode titled Arena. This is a game all about completely customising your experience, which is why on PC it supports the Steam Workshop in which players can already download more than 8,000 items. Additionally, on PC, there is a built-in level editor for players to create their own chaotic levels. Here is some of what you can expect when Paint the Town Red launches for PC and console next month:

  • Beat up hordes of enemies with whatever is at your disposal in destructible sandbox environments
  • Experience action-packed scenarios across unique locations such as a biker bar, disco, prison, pirate cove and western-style saloon
  • Engage in the epic rougelike campaign titled Beneath
  • Survive as long as possible in the Endless mode or take part in the challenging Arena mode
  • Play with friends on PC in the exclusive online co-op mode for up to 4 players
Image Credit – South East Games

Release Date & Price

Paint the Town Red is releasing this July 29th for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and the Nintendo Switch. A PlayStation 5 release is to follow shortly after. It will cost $19.99.

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