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Last Day of June Receives Switch Physical Edition Next Week

Super Rare Games are partnering with publisher 505 Games and developer Ovosonico to release a physical edition of the critically acclaimed interactive adventure title, Last Day of June.

Last Day of June is an adventure puzzle title that released way back in 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4. It later released onto the Nintendo Switch in early 2018. The game received very positive feedback, scoring an 8.5 from Polygon, a 4/5 from Eurogamer and 88% positive reviews on Steam. User reviews on Steam universally praised its soundtrack and heartfelt narrative. So far, the game has been a digital exclusive, but Super Rare Games intends to change that.

What’s Included?

The Last Day of June physical edition will come with all the bells and whistles Super Rare Games are known for. As is usually the case, only 5,000 copies will be printed in total. So, if you want to nab yourself a copy, then you better hurry. Here’s everything Super Rare have confirmed will be included in the physical edition:

  • A physical cartridge with all the current content on it
  • You’ll get a gorgeous full-colour manual
  • Interior artwork for the box
  • An exclusive sticker
  • Three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set
Image Credit – Ovosonico

What Is Last Day Of June

For those of you toying with the decision of whether or not to pick this physical edition up, here’s a brief breakdown of what exactly you’re buying. Last Day of June is an interactive adventure title all about the lengths one would go to to save the one they love. It follows Carl and June as they venture out to their favourite spot, and the player must try to unlock the correct sequence of events that could save the day and June’s life. Here is some of what you can expect in Last Day of June:

  • Experience an interactive and emotional tale from an all-star development team
  • Watch the story play out in a beautifully vibrant graphical style where every frame feels like a painting
  • Solve “emotionally challenging puzzles” across this 3-hour adventure
  • Make life-altering decisions that could change June’s fate forever
Last Day of June - Gameplay
Image Credit – Ovosonico

Release Date & Price

Fittingly, the physical edition will go live on the last day of June, June 30th. You’ll be able to purchase your copy from at 6pm BST/10am PT/1pm ET. There is currently no word on price.