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Hades 2: Weapon Tier List

Choosing the right weapon can make your Hades 2 run much easier, and luckily, we have you covered on which is best in our tier list.

As Hades 2 is a roguelike, you must progress without dying to anything or else your run will reset. While there are many features to aid your journey, including Incantations or Keepsakes, weapons are the main priority to focus on in the game. Of course, there is only a handful, but choosing the best one can make all the difference. Fortunately, we have created a tier list below of the weapons in Hades 2, from the best to the don’t-even-bother.

Hades 2 Weapon Tier List

TierWeapon Name
SSister Blades
AArgent Skull, Witch’s Staff
BUmbral Flames
CMoonstone Axe

Sister Blades – S

  • How to Unlock: x1 Silver

The Sister Blades are a close-quarters style of gameplay. They have the best of both worlds, as you can strike very fast with them and it has a special you can use from a distance. While you will always have to be moving, they’re more than worth getting used to. Furthermore, the upgraded Weapon Aspects are fantastic. For example, building into the Melinoe aspect increases your Backstab damage and by maxing it out, you deal an extra 40% damage. The Sister Blades are all about being near enemies to damage them; however, their fast attacks and unique gameplay make them the most fun weapons to use.

sister blades shooting out Hades 2
Image Credit – TheGamer

Argent Skull – A

The Argent Skull is a unique weapon in Hades 2. It is a throwable, and while this sounds like it could be fairly weak, its damage says otherwise. While it is a very much risk-versus-reward-type weapon, if you’re able to keep your distance from enemies, you’ll actually end up doing more damage than the other weapons. A bonus to the Argent Skull is that it is reusable, so players can acquire them again after throwing. A great way to build into them is by upgrading the Madea Weapon Aspect, which upgrades the Argent Skull AOE. Additionally, the Attack and Special damage increases, reaching an extra 60% when maxed out.

Argent Skull being lobbed Hades 2
Image Credit – Dot Esports

Witch’s Staff – A

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked from the beginning of the game.

The Witch’s Staff is tied with the Argent Skull for a good reason; it’s a great starting weapon. While in other games, the starter weapon can get old, the Witch’s Staff just keeps getting better. It has a moderate attack speed and damage output. What makes it great, though, is it has good range, allowing you to keep some distance from your foes while in encounters. It’s generally a good all-rounder weapon to rely on. Furthermore, its various Aspects help to make it even better. Building into the Melinoe Aspect speeds up your Omega Moves, while the Circe path gives Serenity, a buff that increases attack speed and slowly restores Magick, after pulling off a combo attack. Finally, the Momus Aspect increases Special Power.

Witch's Staff hades 2
Image Credit – Rock Paper Shotgun

Umbral Flames – B

  • How to Unlock: 3x Silver & 3x Cinder

The Umbral Flames are a decent weapon in Hades 2. They provide optimal range during encounters. However, they sacrifice damage for it. Therefore, one negative is that fights, especially bosses, will take longer. A positive to them is their Aspects are all amazing. They concern themselves with boosting Omega Special up-time, dealing more AOE damage if Specials strike them, and increasing your attack until you sprint. Overall, the Umbral Flames are okay but are mostly surpassed by the Argent Skull when you unlock it.

Umbral Flames
Image Credit – Twinfinite

Moonstone Axe – C

  • How to Unlock: 15x Silver

The Moonstone Axe is both excellent and a bit terrible. The trade is that, while it deals more damage than the other weapons, its attack speed and wind-up are significantly slower. Hades 2 is a game where encounters get more hectic and brutal the deeper or higher into its regions you go. Because of that, things tend to speed up, and the Moonstone Axe is the opposite. Its Aspects deal mainly with Omega Moves and Omega Specials, and while the Melinoe Aspect helps with the recovery speed of the axe, it doesn’t fully redeem it. The Moonstone Axe isn’t the greatest choice, and players will need to plan ahead when attacking in encounters with it. However, if greater damage and a slower attack speed are your go-to playstyle, the Moonstone Axe is the best choice for you.

Moonstone Axe
Image Credit – Yahoo News Singapore

That’s everything you need to know about the best weapons in Hades 2. There aren’t many, but each one is unique and offers a different gameplay style for players to try and experiment with. Which weapon do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below. If you like this article and want to see more on the game, be sure to head over to our Guide Hub.