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Xbox ANZ & Arnott’s Shapes Team Up For Lounge Room Experience

Xbox and Arnott’s Shapes are teaming up again, giving those in Australia an immersive gaming lounge experience worth checking out.

Recently, Xbox and Arnotts teamed up to offer players a chance to win a Barbeque Shapes-Themed Xbox Series X. However, the collaboration between the two continues to thrive. Now, they are offering Australians something new. This time, it’s the opportunity to experience an immersive gaming lounge experience. The unique lounge even provides prizes for those participating in a first-of-its-kind activity.

Xbox ANZ & Shapes Lounge Experience Details

The immersive lounge experience is called The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox). Those in Australia can attend the event, which is currently taking place at the Microsoft Experience Centre in Westfield, Sydney. The experience runs from Thursday, April 4, 2024, until Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

Visitors will be able to see the limited-edition Barbeque Shapes Xbox Series X in person, which is a sight to behold. Additionally, much of the furniture in the lounge is themed around Arnott’s Shapes. Items like the bookshelf that resembles Shapes and even a Chicken Crimpy Shapes coffee table. It seems like the entire lounge is bound to make you hungry and want to snack as much as you can, but there are no complaints here!

Barbeque Shapes-themed Xbox Series X Giveaway

Furthermore, Xbox is bringing goodies to The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox). At the event, a Shapes Xbox Vending Machine, the first of its kind, will be there. Visitors can go to the machine and select from various marked Shapes boxes. The boxes will contain Xbox prizes ranging from Controllers to Game Pass Codes. The opportunity to win these various prizes is excellent for any player; you will never know what you can win.

How Much Does The Lounge Experience Cost?

Those interested in attending The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox) will be glad to hear that it is completely free. Furthermore, you have just over a month to experience the event and maybe even pick up some fantastic prizes while attending. As some collaboration events tend to charge to attend, it’s a nice change to see what the lounge offers.

This is just one of many collaborations between Shapes and Xbox, and they will likely continue to happen. If you are looking for something to do between now and May 8, 2024, make sure to visit The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox) and see what magic is created when both tasty snacks and fun gaming experiences are brought together.


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