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When Do Fortnite Weekly Quests Reset?

Fortnite lets players earn XP through Weekly Quests, but when exactly do they reset? Here’s what you need to know.

Fortnite has been offering Weekly Quests over the years to help players earn additional XP. Players who complete these quests will find themselves leveling up quicker than usual, allowing them to level up their Battle Pass at a much faster rate. If you want to take full advantage of these quests to get to level 100, or perhaps even 200, you’ll need to know the moment when they release. So, when do these Weekly Quests reset?

When Do Fortnite Weekly Quests Reset?

Fortnite Weekly Quests reset at 4 am PT/7 am ET/12 pm GMT every Thursday. As the name suggests, they reset every single week. If you miss out on a week or don’t complete every quest before the next ones roll around, there’s no need to panic. Weekly Quests will stay available until the end of the Chapter you’re in, essentially stacking up and giving you plenty of time to complete them. Below, you’ll find the exact time Weekly Quests reset across the globe:

  • 4 am PT
  • 7 am ET
  • 12 pm GMT
  • 1 pm CET
  • 2 pm EET
  • 5:30 pm IST
  • 8 pm CST
  • 9 pm JST
  • 11 pm AEDT
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Of course, in the future, these times could be subject to change, as in the past, the Weekly Quest resets have been at different days and times during the week. However, as of the current weekly quests, they will continue to be reset each Thursday of the week. Now that you know when this chapter’s weekly quests reset, feel free to check out our Games Hub for all our other Fortnite guides.