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When Is The Next Fortnite Update?

The new Fortnite season, Fortnite OG, has just begun, with many players joining in on the classic map, but when can we expect the next update?

Fortnite has begun its new chapter with a bang, bringing its first map back from 2017. With a record-breaking 44.7 million players joining in to play just a couple of days after release, it’s amazing to see how such a classic map can bring such a wide variety of players. But the first map will change at some point, so when can that be expected? We outline the details below.

When Is The Next Fortnite Update?

Through reliable Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, a brand-new hotfix is coming on November 9, just one week after Fortnite OG’s initial release. This update may upset players as we’ve only had the OG map back for a week, and it’s already changing. But this hotfix will still keep the classic elements of Fortnite in this current season.

This hotfix will include changing the map and bringing the Chapter 1: Season 6 OG map back for players to enjoy. As this map comes back, this hotfix will also bring various vehicles, guns, and items back into the loot pool that were also found in the same season of Fortnite.

There is also no scheduled downtime — like a usual hotfix — it’s already prepared in the current Fortnite files. You’ll simply need to wait for the update and then reload Fortnite when the hotfix goes live. You’ll notice the changes when venturing in the game, but it is not a huge update, as there is no expected downtime.

When Can Future Updates Be Expected?

This season of Fortnite will only be live for a month, rather than the usual 2 – 3 months, with the expected map changes coming each week to experience the OG nature of the game. Therefore, updates should be releasing more frequently than usual.

This season of Fortnite seems to have weekly updates to keep up with the scheduled map changes rather than the usual two weeks. Only two days before this new hotfix, the mini shield and big shield potions spawn rate was buffed, so we could see as many as two updates per week.

Now that you know when the next update is, feel free to check out more information on Fortnite by checking out our Game Guide Hub here.


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