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Call of Duty: MW3: How to Unlock & Use the Covert Sneakers

Different pieces of gear act as perks in Call of Duty: MW3, and the Covert Sneakers footwear are proving to be vital for many players. Here’s how to unlock them and what they do.

Instead of using the traditional perk system from previous COD games, Sledgehammer Games decided to switch it up for MW3. In Call of Duty: MW3, players equip their loadout with different pieces of gear, with each one offering unique bonuses, much like perks. The Covert Sneakers are one such piece of gear, and fans have been singing their praises. If you’re interested in using them but don’t know how, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below are the details on how to get and use the Covert Sneakers in MW3.

How to Unlock the Covert Sneakers in Call of Duty: MW3

The Covert Sneakers are unlocked by reaching level 25 and completing the armory challenge to unlock them. The armory challenge just requires you to finish three daily challenges. Getting to player level 25 is pretty straightforward and can be done quickly by playing the Multiplayer and Zombies modes.

Regarding the armory challenges, players must first activate it for the Covert Sneakers and then complete three daily missions. The missions can be found in the top left of the main lobby screen, and they range in what players must do. Some require kills with different weapon classes, field upgrades, etc. However, players can also go into the MW3 Zombies mode and complete missions there to complete the challenge. All in all, it gives players six different tasks to complete, and of those, only three need to be finished to unlock the Covert Sneakers.

Call of Duty: MW3 Covert Sneakers
Covert Sneakers, in-game Screenshot

What are the Covert Sneakers in Call of Duty: MW3

Covert Sneakers are footwear that can be equipped in your Call of Duty: MW3 loadout and eliminate your footstep sounds. Covert Sneakers are the equivalent of the Dead Silence perk from the classic Modern Warfare 2.

What makes the Covert Sneakers worthwhile is that they prevent players from hearing you running around. If you prefer playing stealthily during Multiplayer, then pairing the sneakers with a suppressed weapon makes you the ultimate assassin. While players have been using the Bone Conduction Headset to detect where enemies are approaching from, the Covert Sneakers are a counter to this equipment. Essentially, only a UAV, Advanced UAV, or any radar-detecting system can reveal the player.

How to Equip Covert Sneakers in Call of Duty: MW3

Covert Sneakers can be equipped to your desired custom loadout in a few steps. Below is the process of how to make sure they are added to your current loadout:

  1. Head to the “Weapons” Tab in Multiplayer and select the “Multiplayer Loadout” window.
  2. Click the loadout to which you wish to equip them and select the “Edit” button.
  3. Scroll to the right side until you hover on the “Boots” tab and select it.
  4. Hover over the Covert Sneakers square on the far right and select “Equip.”
  5. After being selected, the Covert Sneakers will be equipped for that loadout, and you can leave the loadouts menu.

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