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Hauntingly Beautiful Voyage Melts Our Hearts This February

Voyage, a brand-new beautifully hand-painted cinematic adventure, by Venturous, launches this February for Steam.

In Voyage up to two players will guide two lost souls who are searching for answers in a mysterious world. You’ll embark on a non-violent adventure, explore sprawling landscapes that have been lovingly hand-painted, all while unravelling an enthralling mystery in an attempt to find your way home, together.

Voyage - Gameplay
Image Credit – Venturous

I love games that emphasise co-operative play in an interesting way, and this sure looks like that kind of game! It’s simultanousely giving me Unravel 2 vibes, while having the gorgeous artstyle of Spiritfarer. This game looks truly beautiful, and I can imagine myself getting lost in its jaw-droppingly gorgeous worlds. The sheer amount of detail, creativity and imagination gone into producing these must have been a lot of work, but it absolutely looks as if its paid off!

Voyage is a wordless journey that focuses on exploration instead of violence, so its a title that can absolutely be enjoyed by anyone. It also features a mesmerising, thoughtful and introspective soundtrack by the infinitely talented Calum Bowen (who composed for such games as Snipperclips, Pikuniku and Lovely Planet).

If this sounds like your sort of game then be sure to check Voyage out when it launches on Steam for $14.99 this February 19th, 2021.

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