Vampire Survivors Whiteout

Vampire Survivors Releases Free Christmas-Inspired “Whiteout” Update

Vampire Survivors has skipped Halloween and gone straight to Christmas with their latest free “Whiteout” content update.

The “Whiteout” update comes after Vampire Survivors has reached the 200,000 positive review mark on Steam. The game is now the third-highest rated Steam game of all time, and holds a 98% ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating.

Vampire Survivors “Whiteout” Update Details

The new free Christmas-inspired ‘Whiteout’ patch adds a new weapon, character and snowy stage for players to check out. Here are all the details:

  • 6 new EXTRA achievements
  • 1 new Bonus stage: the snowy stage Whiteout
  • 2 new relics to get a new PowerUp and morph an existing character (a fan favourite)
  • 1 new weapon with its evolution: the spiky ice weapon Glass Fandango
  • 1 new playable character: frosty worrier She-Moon Eeta
  • 1 new music track: Remedy in the Snow
Vampire Survivors Whiteout Update
Vampire Survivors Whiteout Update Thumbnail

Whiteout Unlock Cheat Codes

With the new patch, comes new cheat codes. Therefore, if you aren’t interested in unlocking the new items the old-fashioned way, you can use these codes:

  • “duraistruth” : Unlocks Antidote relic
  • “chapatribe” : Unlocks Chaos Altemanna relic
  • “cygnusmagnus”: Unlocks She-Moon and Glass Fandango
  • “buriedinthesnow” : Unlocks Whiteout stage

Vampire Survivors “Whiteout” Update Release Details

The Vampire Survivors free ‘Whiteout’ patch is out now on Steam, Xbox, iOS and Android. The update will arrive on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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