The Lifechanging Potential of Video Games

For decades, video games have existed, leading one to believe that they have profoundly influenced people’s lives in numerous ways. This source of entertainment has left its mark on various aspects of our world, but have you ever wondered how it has shaped you personally?

Frequently, I find myself questioning the origins of my quirks, interests, or general outlook on life, and more often than not, the answer can be traced back to a video game that left a lasting impression on me. I firmly believe that many of us fail to grasp the extent to which games facilitate personal growth and development, particularly through the beloved characters we come to cherish.

Spiritfarer Updates - Feature Image
Spiritfarer – In-game Screenshot

Spiritfarer’s Portrayal of Grief and Mourning Resonated With Me

One video game that has profoundly impacted me is Spiritfarer, a fantastic game that delves into the concept of death. Surprisingly, this management game helped me unearth hidden aspects of myself; Grief and mourning are universally challenging experiences.

Life takes on a different level of difficulty when someone dear to us is irreversibly gone. The characters in Spiritfarer quickly became deeply intertwined with my emotions, offering poignant insights on this subject. Among them, Stanley played a particularly significant role, leaving a lasting impression on me. Stanley brought a much-needed light wherever he went, resonating with me and making him my favorite character.

Throughout Stanley’s journey, I experienced a range of emotions — I laughed, smiled, and shed tears during pivotal moments. I found a strong connection with his character. Reluctant to let go, I ultimately chose Stanley to be the last spirit I guided to the Everdoor. He provided comfort as I bid farewell to the other spirits. I held onto him for an extended period, even though he was ready to depart.

Stanley taught me that I often cling tightly to the things I cherish and that accepting the absence of someone or something can be challenging. He showed me that it’s okay to let go. He remains a constant reminder that even in death, love and happiness endure. While many characters have imparted lessons on acceptance, Stanley holds a special place in my heart, and I imagine he does for many others.

I acknowledge that gaming serves as an escape for many of us, and simply engaging in any game provides solace during challenging times. It certainly does for me; games will forever be a source of comfort during difficult moments.

Guerrilla Collective 2021 Day 1 - Endling game
Endling: Extinction is Forever – In-game Screenshot

Exploring Reality in Endling: Extinction is Forever

Games can remarkably engage our minds and provoke deep contemplation across various mediums. One of these profound aspects is their capacity to narrate our present lives. Many games subtly explore the complexities of reality, stimulating introspection about what is right and wrong and prompting us to ponder our own lives and moral values. It’s truly fascinating how games can delve into such profound depths.

One game that particularly resonates with this notion is Endling: Extinction is Forever. Playing this game further strengthened my love for animals while intensifying my frustration with humanity. It became evident to me that raising awareness was the purpose behind Endling.

This atmospheric game prompted me to genuinely reflect on humanity and our capacity for cruelty driven by selfish motives. As I assumed the role of a mother fox witnessing the gradual destruction of a once beautiful forest landscape due to deforestation and machinery, the consequences proved devastating.

Encountering Molly in Endling: Extinction is Forever

Amidst my exploration, I encountered Molly, whose love profoundly impacted me. Despite her corruption and afflictions, Molly exhibited compassion towards the mother fox, nourishing her and showing care. Her character instilled hope within the chaotic setting, reminding me that a glimmer of hope can be the beacon we desperately need in moments of despair.

Molly ardently advocated for the animals, constantly striving to assist the mother fox. She evoked memories of my own childhood self and continues to resonate with me. I know that if faced with a situation similar to hers, my love for animals would endure.

Endling achieved remarkable awareness through its storytelling, provoking introspective questions within me such as, “Am I ok with this?” The impact of the game led me to adopt more animals into my life. I am grateful that Endling shed light on the plight of animals, inspiring change within my own limited sphere of influence.

I can only imagine that the game has had similar effects on other players, spurring them to adopt animals, contribute to charities, or engage in volunteer work. Whatever the outcome, I am certain that Endling has made an impact somewhere in the world.

Wandersong – In-game Screenshot

Wandersong Motivated Me to Confront My Negative Thoughts

Many games instill hope within us and provide an escape from reality when we are immersed in them. Some games go beyond mere entertainment and inspire us to strive for personal growth, much like Wandersong did for me. Its unique narrative of “not being the hero” proved genuinely helpful, motivating me to confront my negative thoughts and challenge my perceived limitations.

As I took on the role of the main character, whom I named Pera, witnessing their journey against societal expectations and becoming the hero of their own story, I found the strength to become the hero of my own life as well. Just like Pera, I managed to accomplish some of my dreams by overcoming life’s obstacles. This experience of conquering personal challenges was truly empowering, and I’m grateful that Wandersong enlightened me about the profound benefits of self-belief and taking bold action, regardless of the outcome.

Video games not only provide an avenue for escapism and enjoyment but also serve as powerful tools for self-discovery and education. We undergo a transformative learning process when we step into the shoes of the characters we play. Games of all kinds possess the potential to impact individuals’ lives in meaningful ways, and this ability is truly significant. It is crucial that games can elicit such profound experiences for numerous people as they facilitate personal growth and exploration.