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Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Shepherd Guide: How to Deploy to Neutralizer Test Site

Players will need to deploy to the Neutralizer Test Site and successfully test it to complete the final mission in MW3 Zombies Act 2, Shepherd. Here’s how to do that.

MW3 Zombies is split into several acts, with each Act’s final mission culminating in a bombastic, action-packed series of objectives. Act 2’s final mission, Shepherd, is no exception, as it requires you to deploy to a unique area and fend off increasingly difficult enemies as you test the Neutralizer device. Fortunately, if you’re struggling to figure out how to complete this one and move on to Act 3, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below, we explain how to deploy to the Neutralizer Test Site, as well as how to test the Neutralizer itself.

How to Deploy to Neutralizer Test Site in MW3 Zombies

To deploy to the Neutralizer Test Site in MW3 Zombies, you simply need to exfil from a unique location. This location is marked on your Tac Map with a blue icon of a person running with a gold star next to it. When you hover over the icon, it will read “Shepherd”. Furthermore, the location of the exfil point is random with every game and isn’t guaranteed to be in a specific tier zone or area of the map.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that exfilling from this point will take you to a separate location that is instanced per squad (meaning it’s unique to you and your team, and other players won’t appear there). You’ll want to ensure you’ve Pack-a-Punched your weapons and have plenty of armor plates before heading there.

The location of the Neutralizer Test Site deploy zone in MW3 Zombies
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How to Test the Neutralizer in MW3 Zombies

To test the Neutralizer, you’ll need to complete 6 objectives once you’ve reached the second location. These objectives are:

  • Destroy two SAM Sites
  • Clear the area surrounding the ACV
  • Escort the ACV around the building
  • Activate the Neutralizer
  • Defend the Neutralizer
  • Detonate the Neutralizer

There are plenty of enemies scattered throughout this area, including Mercenaries on the way to the SAM Sites, Zombies as you escort the ACV, and even an Abomination while you defend the Neutralizer. You’ll need to be careful while dealing with these enemies, and it is highly recommended you bring a team with you. Once you’ve fully charged the Neutralizer, simply head over to it and interact with it to detonate it. This will complete the Shepherd mission.

Once you’ve completed these objectives, you’ll finish the mission and have successfully tested the Neutralizer. You can now move on to the next mission in the Zombies mode. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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