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Super Mario Bros. Wonder File Size Revealed

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s file size has finally been revealed, and fans will be pleased to learn it’s not very big.

The latest title in the iconic Mario series is right around the corner, and it promises players a wonderful world filled with all new abilities. Fortunately, your dreams of turning into an elephant won’t be too taxing on your Switch’s storage, as the game’s file size is relatively small. Below, we explain exactly how big Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s file size is.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder File Size

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s file size is 4.5GB on the Nintendo Switch. This was confirmed via the game’s official store page on the Nintendo eShop. While this is a small file size for the Nintendo Switch, it also ensures that fans installing it on the console’s 32GB internal hard drive will have more than enough space.

Super Mario Odyssey’s file size was also small, coming in at only 5.7GB. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe had a file size of 4.5GB, which makes sense considering both Wonder and U Deluxe are sidescrollers instead of full 3D adventures. This means that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the same size as the Switch’s other Mario side scroller, but 1.2GB smaller than Mario Odyssey.

Mario jumping on purple balls in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Compared to other first-party Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is considerably small. Breath of the Wild, for example, required 13.4GB of space, with its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, needing a whopping 16.3GB. Of course, both of those games featured sprawling open worlds, whereas Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a traditional Nintendo side scroller.

Fortunately, despite the game’s small file size, players can pre-load Super Mario Bros. Wonder very soon, allowing them to jump straight into the action when it launches. Until then, make sure to check out our Games Hub on all things Super Mario Bros. Wonder, so you’re kept up to date with the latest news and guides.

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