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Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder Co-Op & Multiplayer?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers players a lengthy dreamlike single-player mode, but can fans also play in local and online co-op modes?

Nintendo has often been at the forefront of multiplayer platformers and side scrollers, with past Mario games allowing multiple players to enjoy the game side by side on the couch. Fortunately, Super Mario Bros. Wonder seems to be following in its predecessor’s footsteps and is even innovating in many ways.

Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder Co-Op?

Yes, Super Mario Bros. Wonder does have local couch co-op. Up to 4 players can play the game on the same system using 4 different sets of joycons.

Players can play through the entirety of Super Mario Bros. Wonder together in local co-op, with other players being able to jump in at any point in a save. Characters won’t bump into one another during local co-op, but they are restricted to the same area and can’t run off without the other players.

The inclusion of couch co-op comes as no surprise, as Nintendo is one of the few remaining studios that keeps the option to play side-by-side with your friends.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder co-op Gameplay

Does Super Mario Bros. Wonder Have Online Multiplayer?

Yes, Super Mario Bros. Wonder does have online multiplayer. You can create private lobbies for up to 12 players who then split off into groups of 4 to complete levels together. Online players can assist one another by giving items, reviving other players, cheering each other on, and more.

Additionally, you can participate in Friend Races, which is a competitive online mode for up to 4 players. In Friend Races, players compete to complete a level as quickly as possible, take out a boss, or find the Wonder Seed first.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Online Gameplay

You can connect to an online lobby and play the game solo with the help of other players also connected to the internet. When playing online, you will see other players as translucent shadows. Additionally, you can leave behind items to revive other players and increase their heart points.

Finally, you can join a private online lobby with one friend in couch co-op mode. This combines the local and online modes to enable two people on the same system to play online.

You can see how online and local co-op works in the overview video below. Additionally, you can check out our Game Hub to read up on all the latest Super Mario Bros. Wonder news.

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