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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Previews Are in & They’re Not Positive

The previews for the much-maligned Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are finally here, and they’re not particularly positive. Here’s what the critics are saying.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League initially enticed fans with its fun concept of taking down the titular superhero team. Additionally, the pedigree of its developer, Rocksteady, gave fans hope it would fare better than the lamentable Gotham Knights. However, as gameplay began to emerge, it quickly became apparent that its live service gameplay loop would be disappointing. Unfortunately, previews released earlier today seem to be proving that Rocksteady has perhaps lost its magic touch, and meeting your heroes can be disappointing.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Previews Are Negative

The first batch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League previews are incredibly negative. While they praise the story, apparently, every other aspect is lacking, including the combat, open-world content, and gameplay loop. Ultimately, today’s previews of Rocksteady’s latest game are predominantly negative.

One example is VGC, who summarized their preview by saying, “You wouldn’t know this game was from the same studio that created the greatest superhero trilogy ever.” That is a blow to the game, especially for fans of the Batman Arkham games. It would appear that almost none of that magic from those games has been brought over into Rocksteady’s latest title.

Suicide Squad’s open world was also met with criticism. It seemingly adopts a lot of the worst aspects of the genre and is incredibly repetitive. IGN stated that there were times when players were subject to the typical “point defense or collect materials to turn in” type of objectives. This sentiment was shared across multiple previews, which also slated the repetitive gameplay loop and lack of innovation.

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Additionally, IGN went on to say that one of the shining aspects of the game was its story narrative, proclaiming that “Kill the Justice League is at its best” during cutscenes. So, there may be some hope yet for the game, as many seem to reiterate that the narrative is the strongest component. However, we won’t know until the game launches on February 2, 2024.

So, that’s everything the critics are saying about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. While it may be disappointing news to some and unexpected to others, how the game will fair on release day still remains to be seen. Until then, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more articles just like this one.