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Stellar Blade’s File Size Has Been Revealed & It’s Surprisingly Small

Stellar Blade’s file size has been unveiled, and we’re frankly surprised at just how small it is. Players won’t have to delete much to install it.

These days, purchasing a new game isn’t just debating whether the ridiculously increased prices are worth it but whether or not you even have the space for a new one. While we all bemoaned how physical media took up too much space on our shelves, video games now seem to eat up our SSDs in one go. Just look at the recent Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for an example, which requires 143GB of space. Fortunately, the upcoming Stellar Blade is being a little kinder to our storage.

What Is Stellar Blade’s File Size?

Stellar Blade has a surprisingly small file size, at just 30.448GB on PlayStation 5. This is despite the game being rather cinematic-heavy, featuring a number of high-quality cutscenes throughout its story. It’s also surprising when you consider that its demo, which only contained the first hour or so of the game, took up 16GB of space. The file size was revealed by the trusted leaker PlayStation Game Size on X.

Fortunately, for fans who’ve still got Dragon’s Dogma 2, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Baldur’s Gate 3, Helldivers 2, and more installed just begging to be played, Stellar Blade’s 30.4GB file size should just about squeeze in. However, for those worried that the smaller file size will result in a shorter game, don’t panic.

In fact, Stellar Blade is set to be a 20 to 25-hour-long experience packed with action, heart, and a whole lot of skin-tight suits. It seems to be very story-heavy, and the runtime may even exceed that, depending on how challenging you find the game. Of course, it is very much possible that its file size will balloon at launch if it gets any day-one updates. Nevertheless, it’s still nice to see it be such a small file size for what we presume will be a significant experience.

Are you pre-ordering Stellar Blade? Do you have space on your SSD or is something going to have to go? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles just like this.

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